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The Resistance as it's known as, is a secretive organization in an alternate dimension, working with the intention of fighting back against the oppressive Nefarious Empire and it's tyrannical leader Emperor Nefarious. The movement was established 10 years prior to the events of Rift Apart in the Polaris Galaxy on Corson V, after the planet was conquered by the Emperor and Nefarious City was constructed. The Resistance is one of the very last opposers to the Emperor's absolute rulership over the galaxy and the universe beyond, with it's most notable and well known member being the Lombax rebel Rivet.

While the Resistance is an organization, Rivet is known as something of a lone wolf and tends to work alone on most occasions. She is seen as the face of the Resistance by most, with the mark of the movement being represented by the V-shape of a Lombax's head and ears. It is not known who founded it or who the leader is but Rivet does not seem to be a figure of authority over the others. It's possible there is no single leader and the group is instead supported by numerous key individuals of equal ranks.

The Resistance has a number of bases with Rivet's home base on Sargasso's Outpost L51 being also known as Resistance outpost 4. Despite the Resistance fighting the Empire for about 10 years, the Emperor on numerous occasions had bested them and his reign continued. The Emperor had planned recently to vacate his throne and personally neutralize all key members of the Resistance and Space Pirates in quick succession, those being; Phantom, MoyDoy, Captain Quantum, Clatchky and Rivet. The removal of these individuals would cripple the 2 factions and finally rid him of the last of his enemies.

With Emperor Nefarious' defeat in Megalopolis after his attempt to subjugate Ratchet and Clank's dimension with his armies, Rivet's universe was finally liberated from the oppression of him and his Empire, in thanks to the combined efforts of Ratchet, Clank, Rivet, Kit, the Resistance, the Savali monks, the allied Goons-4-Less members and the Space Pirates.

Key members


Rivet during her early days in the Resistance with Captain Quantum, Clatchky (bottom right) and MoyDoy (top right)

Rivet's base of operations, where she lives alone is on her foster home planet Sargasso, she grew up on this world and as a child worked for the Morts as a delivery person at their gelatonium factories. The Morts grew to treat her as family over the many years of knowing her and despite their role officially as neutral in the galactic conflict, they have been harbouring her status as a highly wanted resistance fighter from the Empire. She has built a name for herself over her many years of fighting the Empire and saving people's lives from the Emperor's forces, with wanted posters of her littering various walls around Nefarious City. As the most publicly known member of the Resistance, she is the one the Emperor has had the most encounters with and knows the most personally. Years ago on a mission, Rivet had found a secret entrance inside the Imperial Zone into Nefarious Tower and attempted to sneak in alone, but was attacked by a powerful Nefarious Warbot on patrol and had her right arm severely damaged. She however built a new robotic arm for herself and replaced it, giving her enhanced strength and new built-in gadgets to aid her in future. Rivet is very proficient in combat and is not afraid to get her hands dirty in a mission.

Rivet's hitlist profile

She is seen at the beginning of Rift Apart using a robot disguise in Nefarious City to blend in with it's robot inhabitants, whilst doing an undercover assignment for the Resistance to steal an important Infobot. The Resistance had learned this Infobot contained sensitive information to the Emperor and it was imperative they intercept it. Rivet still had no qualms however with disobeying the instructions of another resistance member talking to her via radio, to save an endangered citizen from a Nefarious Trooper during this mission. The Infobot contained the Emperor's hitlist for the key members of the Resistance and Space Pirates, of which she is at the top of. Rivet then posted the list to the Resistance's Network to warn the other targets of the incoming threat. She says herself that she has fought a long time to try and win their galaxy back and dwells on her loss of friends and her arm during the conflict. She keeps a picture from her younger days next to her bed of her with her Resistance compatriots Quantum, Clatchky and MoyDoy.

Captain Quantum

Quantum; former Resistance member turned pirate Captain

Quantum is a former member of the Resistance who used to work with Rivet and their compatriots years ago to fight back against the Emperor's tyranny, he however felt dissatisfied with his life in the Resistance and longed for more action, adventure and singing. He devised a plan to disguise himself as a robot and join the space pirates as he found their way of life to be preferable, fighting the Empire and also the liberating adventerous lifestyle that came with it. Quantum at an early point during his time with the pirates was able to plant a spy bug on the Emperor's Assistant, allowing him to always stay one step ahead of the Emperor's plans to destroy them. This invaluable information feed allowed Quantum to quickly rise through the ranks and eventually become Captain himself with Pierre Le Fer as his first mate, earning him the adoration of the pirates and allowing them to flourish for many years. Despite the pirates and the Resistance having a common enemy in the Empire, the pirates do not discriminate when it comes to looting and plundering, which includes resistance members, ships and bases.

Captain Quantum's hitlist profile

Quantum much like his dimensional counterpart Qwark, is something of a coward in the face of mortal danger, but nonetheless has a strong desire to be a hero and fight evil. Also like his counterpart he seems to have a somewhat vain desire to be admired by others, possibly a motivation for him wanting to rise in the ranks of the pirates, unlike Qwark however he is more humble and not prone to taking the credit for others' accomplishments. He seems to have confidence issues and upon hearing of his counterpart's perseverance to keep trying in spite of his many flaws, he feels inspired to attempt being a hero again, sacrificing himself to be imprisoned at Zordoom to save Ratchet and Clank and allowing them to escape with the device he uses to spy on the Emperor. He later assists his old Resistance allies against Emperor Nefarious when he begins invading other dimensions.


Phantom; the Resistance's hacking and undercover black ops specialist

Phantom, like his dimensional counterpart Skidd McMarx, has special talents in the field of black ops espionage and is a deft hacker. Phantom however is much more professional in his work than his laidback, hoverboarding star counterpart, with years of hardened experience fighting the Empire. Although more professional, he still seems to enjoy the thrill of being an undercover operative in an immature sense sometimes in the same way his counterpart would. He is a proud member of the Resistance, operating in Nefarious City and helping to spread the message of freedom to the downtrodden and brainwashed. He is first seen in his first undercover job in a long time at Club Nefarious using a Hologuise to disguise himself as a robot, when Ratchet accidentally alerts the club to Resistance activity, leading him to believe his cover was blown, he then promptly makes his escape from the Troopers. He doesn't seem to be skilled in combat and chooses to instead escape enemies using his athletic abilities.

He seems to be the creator of a very useful gadget known as the Phantom Dash, named after himself. It attaches to the users hand/glove and allows them to attach to certain surfaces and perform a quick dash straight ahead, which momentarily displaces the user's molecules and makes them intangible during said dash. In Phantom's own words, "the enemy can't catch what doesn't tempoarily exist". He uses one himself to pass through Nefarious City robot verification checkpoints, avoid enemy attacks and to assist when parkouring through the city. At some point in the past he also supplied one to Rivet and likely other resistance members to help them in their missions. After he helps him with several Nefarious Troopers, Phantom gives one to Ratchet, upgrading his Omniglove with Resistance tech that allows the wearer to attach to walls on specific surfaces and perform the Phantom Dash in and out of combat, then gives him a short crash course on learning the basics of using the gadget.

After making a deal with Ratchet to help him hack Emperor Nefarious' propaganda blimp, by providing him cover at the Nefarious Day Spa, Phantom gives him a hacking programme called Glitch that can help him get into Nefarious Tower and obtain a royal starship to leave the planet. Phantom then gives himself up to the Nefarious Troopers to try and "tear this whole, rotten world down from the inside" and is imprisoned at Zordoom. Rivet makes a jail break much later at the prison and Phantom is freed along with many others and he assists with the assault on Emperor Nefarious' forces in Megalopolis.

MoyDoy and Clatchky

MoyDoy's hitlist profile

Not much is known at all about MoyDoy and Clatchky other than that they are important members of the Resistance and old compatriots of Rivet. They've been with the Resistance for several years, since before Quantum left to join the Space Pirates and before Rivet lost her arm. Emperor Nefarious considered them to be high profile targets in his conquest of the remaining rebels and threats to his rule. They don't appear in person and are only seen in a photo next to Rivet's bed and in the Infobot containing the Emperor's hitlist.

Clatchky's hitlist profile

When the Emperor appears at Zurkie's after Rivet's battle with his counterpart Dr. Nefarious, he boasts that he is almost finished neutralizing all his enemies with the exceptions of Captain Quantum and Rivet. Whilst leaving Zurkie's, Rivet laments that the Emperor had gotten to the others named on the list, Kit then consoles her by saying that it's not her fault they were captured. With Phantom having given himself up to be imprisoned, the Emperor personally neutralized MoyDoy and Clatchky, prior to him acquiring the Dimensionator. Although Kit says they were captured, when Rivet makes a jail break at Zordoom to free her friends later, amongst them being Phantom and Quantum, MoyDoy and Clatchky are never seen here nor mentioned again, leading to the ambiguous conclusion that they may have been killed in captivity.

The two appear to be an entertainment duo of some sort and make performances at Zurkie's Gastropub. Following their disappearance and Rivet's jail break at Zordoom, Zurkon Jr. can be heard reporting to a patron at their table that their performance scheduled for that night had been cancelled, with patrons being compensated with one free drink and a novelty straw for the inconvenience.


With the Nefarious Empire's violent subjugation of all civilizations in the known universe, finding lifeforms with feelings of resentment against the Emperor isn't uncommon. However disobedience is swiftly met with either annihilation or imprisonment for rehabilitation, with the later often leading to either forceful brainwashing or death. Most citizens living under the Emperor's regime often opt to simply obey given the consequences and continue their lives working under his Empire, but some more bravely have secretly been assisting the Resistance's efforts to weaken his grip on the universe.

The Morts that reside on Sargasso are one such group, however their loyalties lie more specifically with Rivet herself, given the personal history she has with them. They have assisted her many times in her efforts to undermine the Empire, helping her with her equipment and keeping the existence of her base a guarded secret. Rivet, many other resistance members, pirates, and unlawful types are often patrons at Zurkie's Gastropub and Battleplex as the Zurkon family also has a noted disdain for the Empire, this information was not known to the Emperor. However, Ms. Zurkon in particular works closely with the Resistance, using her vendor business to supply them with weapons and ammo to use against the Emperor's forces, for a fee of course. The Space Pirates are not considered allies of the Resistance, as they do not work with others, however they have been able to be of assistance to the Resistance on odd occasions, making deals and trading for useful equipment. Zurkie's being a useful place to conduct said deals, due to it's disallowance of weapons and violence.


As well as the V-shape of a Lombaxes head, other symbols are used to leave the mark of the Resistance, those being in the form of a circle with a large X crossed through it, or a circle with a single diagonal line through it or what appears to be the glass dome of the Emperor's head with a target painted on it.

Nefarious City has a number of areas tagged with Resistance graffiti even on some robotic citizens and ledges marked with orange paint to guide fellow Resistance members through the parkour paths laid out before them, across the city's high-rise areas. These are used to signal other Resistance members in the area and make a statement to the Empire that they are not submitting to the Emperor as an act of defiance. These graffiti tags can be seen in places rife with resistance activity such as the seedy back alleys of Nefarious City, the entrance tunnel to Zurkie's Gastropub and Battleplex or around resistance outposts, like Rivet's home base on Sargasso.