We'll take a tour of this secret facility on planet Daxx, home to some of galaxy's most insidious superweapons, including the dreaded Rainbow Afrolizer!
— Host, UYA

The Research Facility was where Nefarious designed all of his weapons including the Biobliterator. It was guarded by big robots and troops. It was located on the planet Daxx.


Sector Three

Intruder detected in Sector Three. All units shoot to kill.
Daxx Research Facility announcer., UYA

Sector Three was part of the Weapons Facility on planet Daxx. Sector Three consisted of a rectangular room adjacent to Sector Five. The room contained another door protected with a Hacker Terminal. The room contained several computer terminals and crates.

Sector Five

Sector Five was part of the Weapons Facility on planet Daxx. Sector Five consisted of a small circular room. The entrance to Sector Five was secured by a Hacker Terminal. The room contained a lower level of screens and machinery on the upper level. The right-sided doorway of the upper level lead to Sector Three while the left-sided door led back outside the facility to further platforms.

Ratchet and Clank passed through the sector using the Hacker when they went to infiltrate the Weapons Facility. The platforms outside on the left of sector 5 led to a Titanium Bolt during Ratchet and Clank's infiltration of the facility.

Sector Eight

Sector Eight was part of the Research Facility]on Daxx. When Ratchet and Clank were at the facility, announcements were made requiring all organic lifeforms to visit Sector Eight for execution.

Sector Nine

Sector Nine was one of the many sector in Nefarious' research facility on Daxx. Sector Nine housed Nefarious's personal files and was the most heavily guarded area.