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Rescue Clank from the thief and Repair Clank are missions in Going Commando taking place in Megapolis, Endako. As Ratchet traveled to the Maktar Resort, the Unknown Thief kidnapped Clank. After Ratchet won the Galactic Gladiators battle in the resort, the Thief sent Ratchet a warning through a photo booth, in which Clank was executed: if Ratchet did not leave the galaxy, he would suffer the same fate as Clank. Ratchet traveled to Megapolis to rescue Clank.

This is one of two missions that can be attempted upon arriving on Endako, along with "Visit Clank's apartment". A platinum bolt can be earned along the path to this mission, and the skill point "Operate Heavy Machinery" can be obtained.


Between this mission and "Visit Clank's apartment", it is easier to complete this mission first. This will unlock Clank, and with him, the Heli-Pack and Thruster-Pack, which are invaluable for mobility.

Two new weapons are available at the Megacorp vendor: the Pulse Rifle, and the Miniturret Glove. The former is a sniper rifle that deals heavy damage to one enemy, but has low ammo; the latter deploys miniature turrets that automatically target and defeat nearby enemies. If you have completed multiple Galactic Gladiators missions, one or the other should be affordable, but not both. The Miniturret Glove is much more useful overall against the enemies on this planet and more broadly useful in general, whereas the Pulse Rifle is effective against one type of enemy and a boss fought in "Visit Clank's apartment".

Take the path on the left to a metal door, which will open as you approach it. Immediately, you are greeted with a Megacorp Laser Bot, which will patrol an area and spin its lasers; stand back a distance from its lasers, and destroy it with a weapon such as the Chopper or Blitz Gun (this and the Miniturret Glove are likely to be the most viable weapons for the enemies encountered here), and then use the Electrolyzer to open the door straight after it. Destroy the Megacorp Sweeper Bots inside, and in the corridor to the left, destroy the Laser Bots patrolling it. Head through the corridor and destroy the Sweeper Bots that teleport in, then head to the next room with a crane terminal.

This room is the first of two areas in which you can control the building's cranes. Use the Electrolyzer to reactivate it, and you will be able to control the crane by pressing Triangle. You can move the crane with Left analog stick, pick up an object with X, and drop it by again pressing X. Use the crane to pick up the dark blue block, and drop it below the gap near the back of the room to an open space. You can also drop it on the Sweeper Bots nearby to destroy them (required for the skill point), or simply use a weapon for the experience points. Head up and through the corridor, destroying the two Laser Bots to reach a balcony outside.

On the balcony, cross the two platforms and you will encounter a Megacorp Rivet Bot. These enemies are more durable, and will fire seven bullets at you at a slow pace before reloading. They are best fought with the Blitz Gun or Chopper, and their range and firing rate is not too powerful, meaning they can be dodged. Proceed across the walkway and destroy the Sweeper Bots that arrive, then head left up the steps and destroy the Rivet Bot, then jump across the gap and into the next building. Inside, destroy the Sweeper Bots and use the Electrolyzer to activate the next crane.

The way out of your room is blocked, so you need to use an explosive crate to destroy it. Move the crane to the second, red room and pick up the explosive block (you can also pick up a Laser Bot and move the lasers around if you want, but again, you will lose out on weapon experience if you do this), then move it back into the first room, and drop it next to the metal gate. Continue using the crane and move it through the red room to the third room, then pick up the block and move it to create a ledge up to the exit. Exit the crane and move to the last room, then jump on the block you have moved and reach the exit. Destroy the two Rivet Bots and the Sweeper Bots that spawn in using both the Miniturret Glove and the Blitz Gun or Chopper, and then head up the elevator shaft and through the corridor. This will commence a cutscene, and then the mission "Repair Clank".

Use the Electrolyzer to repair Clank. This will lead into a cutscene, and then the mission "Free Ratchet". This mission is mandatory before you go anywhere else.

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