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Rescue Angela is a mission in Going Commando taking place in the Thug HQ, Snivelak. After being unable to find Angela Cross on Gorn, Ratchet and Clank received a transmission from the Thug Leader, who threatened them while also revealing his location in his transmission. The two resolved to travel to the world to save her from the Thugs-4-Less and find out what she knows about the Protopet.

It is possible to obtain a platinum bolt and a nanotech boost during the mission.


Platforming segments

The first segments of the mission are platforming segments entirely, and no new weapons are available at the Megacorp vendor. These segments make use of the Swingshot and Dynamo a lot.

At first, take the Swingshot forward through a linear path until you reach a bridge. The bridge is closed off by a glass wall, so instead use the Swingshot to pull the grind rail on the blue versa-target down and jump on to rail to the bottom of a tower. Walk on the grav-ramp with the Gravity Boots, and use the Dynamo to activate a series of grav-ramp platforms to rotate around the tower, allowing you to jump on them to eventually reach the top. Use the grav-ramp to the left to reach a wall, then head down the wall, in between the Attack-Copters' propellers to avoid taking damage from them, or wait for them to pass. You can also use this opportunity to destroy them using heavy weaponry, such as the Hoverbomb Gun. After reaching the bottom you can use a launch pad to reach the bridge, ending the platforming segment.

Combat segments

The combat segment begins upon proceeding onto the bridge. While no new weapons are available, the Bouncer, Plasma Coil, or Minirocket Tube are essential for this mission, due to the large amounts of enemies that will be faced later. An armor vendor becomes available, selling the Electrosteel armor for 250,000 bolts, though keep in mind the Shield Charger will provide the same benefit of improving your durability for only 100,000 bolts (with the only downside being that it is ineffective when not active, whereas the armor will always help). Returning to earlier areas to finish any challenges is recommended if you are short on bolts.

The first enemies faced on the bridge v2.0 Megacorp Hover Tanks, identical to those previously fought but much more durable. The Thugs-4-Less Elite Henchmen here use the Hover Tanks for cover at first, but provide a lot of firepower of their own. Against groups of enemies, the Plasma Coil, Bouncer and Hoverbomb Gun are recommended, as they deal a lot of damage in a large area of effect. After defeating the enemies, head back to restock on ammo and nanotech, then head across the bridge to the city.

Inside the city, it is mostly a linear path until you reach the boss fight. you will fight many Elite Henchmen and Thugs-4-Less Brute Class II soldiers, as well as several Attack-Copters. The aforementioned weapons are most useful, while the Minirocket Tube is effective against the Attack-Copters when they stay out of your reach. It is important to dodge the lasers on the floor as well. All the enemies warp in, making them difficult to predict, and on two occasions, force fields will trap you in with them.

While there are plenty of ammo crates and you should not run short, do not fret about returning to the ammo vendor to restock if you run low, as there are a lot of enemies. If you are struggling, the Synthenoids and Miniturret Glove can provide added firepower. Cover often appears throughout, so make sure to hide behind it often to avoid being hit when overwhelmed. Do not be too concerned if you are on low health before you reach the boss, as there is a Continue Point for reaching it, meaning that you will have time to restart.

After the first Attack-Copter is a long road with a single purple nanotech crate in the center, which when destroyed will trigger a trap. Forcefields will block you from exiting and many thugs will spawn in to attack you. Past that is a large empty area, where two Attack-Copters appear. Continue to the right, where you will be trapped in by glass gates and force fields, and waves of enemies. After fighting through this final wave of enemies, a gate opens on theright, leading to the Giganto-Mech. A cutscene will commence, and the boss battle begins.


The Giganto-Mech is an extremely durable boss, and will easily tank the damage from any of your weapons up to this point. It will fight by firing rapid fire blue blasts from its eye, occasionally using a more powerful red laser. If it is approached in melee range of its feet, it will hover in the air and drop fireballs that deal damage in an area of effect. All of its attacks are relatively powerful and can do significant damage.

The best option to damage it, is to use the turrets dotted around on the roofs, which can be reached using the green jump pads spread around the streets. As you enter the turret, the Giganto-Mech will walk towards a good vantage point from which it can fire slow moving drones that home in you. Fire at the Giganto-Mech using the turret, and also ensure to destroy its drones, which will produce a distinctive sound, making them hard to miss. As soon as the Giganto-Mech suffers enough damage, it will pound its chest, and destroy the turret either by firing a laser from its eye, walking towards it and smashing it with its right arm, grabbing one of the ships in the air traffic and throwing it at the turret, or by raising in the air and firing blasts from the cannon on its left arm. Before it destroys the turret, leave to the next one. The strategy is thus to rinse and repeat until it is destroyed. This is the safest option, though takes the longest amount of time.

Alternative, there are two viable weapons that can be used to deal significant damage to the Giganto-Mech, speeding up the process of killing it, at which point the turrets can do the rest. While most weapons (including the Minirocket Tube and Plasma Coil, even when upgraded) are not viable against it, if either the Bouncer or Spiderbot Glove has been upgraded, the Heavy Bouncer and Tankbot Glove can deal considerable damage to it. The Heavy Bouncer is best fired against its feet by standing some distance away from it, though it is important to dodge its lasers. Using up all 25 ammo can wipe out over half its health, but ammo crates can be found on the streets (along with Nanotech) to replenish some of this ammo and deal more damage. After the Heavy Bouncer's ammo is depleted, use any of the remaining weapons to wipe out the rest of its health, or just use the turrets. The Tankbot Glove on the other hand can be used safely by walking behind the walls of the outermost building on the left or right of the city, where the Giganto-Mech cannot reach you, and use it to damage the Giganto-Mech.

Either way, after the Giganto-Mech is destroyed, a cutscene plays. Your next destination is Smolg, for the missions associated with "Search the Distribution Facility" and "Explore the docked ships". If you have not already done so, it is a good idea to return to Joba to complete "The Impossible Challenge!" for bolts, and also complete any outstanding challenges first.

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