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Repair the power generator and Purchase information from the terminal are missions in Going Commando, taking place in the testing facility, Dobbo. While searching the facility, Ratchet and Clank found a core terminal that may contain information. However, the power was deactivated in the entire facility, and a maintenance bot that appeared, was completely unhelpful. They decided to follow the maintenance bot to fix the power generator.

This mission requires the Glider, obtained during "Explore the area" on Tabora. A platinum bolt can be found near the end of the path of this mission, and a nanotech boost is located at the start of the path for this mission, though difficult to obtain.


This Glider mission can be fairly challenging due to the narrow paths that must be traversed. Part of the mission is to learn the specific layout of the facility, and thus knowing how to use the Glider and what maneuver to use at what time. Start by dodging the cross-shaped metal bars, then enter a narrow area where you must dodge a number of pipes while you swerve from side to side to move through the bends in the path. Past this is a long and very narrow tunnel, which quickly curves to the right twice in a row, followed by a sharp drop and an equally sharp rise to a normal angle. Aim the Glider down and up at the right time to exit safely, then get past another cross-shaped bars section to reach the end.

Use the Electrolyzer to reactivate the power and then use the teleporter behind you to return to the core terminal. Afterwards, pay 10,000 bolts to unlock the mission "Meet Fizzwidget at Deep Space Disposal Facility". Consider purchasing upgrades from Slim Cognito's Ship Shack and then travel to the Deep Space Disposal Facility, after the other path in "Explore the testing facility" is also complete.