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Repair the Satellitle laser links is a mission in Up Your Arsenal taking place on Obani Gemini. After seeing on Daxx that the Biobliterator was heading to the Obani moons, Ratchet and Clank opted to travel there to learn more, with Skidd McMarx insisting to come along as well. Ratchet and Clank first landed on Obani Gemini, the first of the three moons. Though they did not find anything on that moon, Al suggested using the Refractor to reconnect the laser beams to reach the second moon, where they may learn more.


This mission involves very little combat, aside from fighting scout bots, which are easily dispatched with any weapon of choice or even simply the OmniWrench. Therefore, do not worry about purchasing new weapons at the Gadgetron vendor just yet. Instead, most of the mission is a Refractor puzzle. At any point when lost, simply follow the laser to find where to go next.

When the mission starts, equip the Refractor and connect it the nearby laser into the nearby port, which will open the bridge and allow you to progress forward. Head forward and use the jump pad to land on the first platform you see, and connect the laser to the satellite in front of you. Drop down and follow the laser beam to see another jump pad that will bounce you onto the next platform, where you can connect the laser beam to the next satellite.

While on this platform, use the jump pad that overlooks the destination of the next laser. To get there, you will need to cross over a small canyon with a stream of lava within. If you land in the canyon, simply use a jump pad within it to get out to the upper level. Cross the small platforms across to the platform and you will reach a jump pad used to reach the larger platform, which itself has another jump pad to reach the highest platform where the laser beam lands. Connect this laser beam to the satellite opposite of the asteroid belt, and then follow it. The jump pad on this platform is unrelated to the mission path (instead used for the "Get to the Belt" skill point), so instead simply follow the laser.

The laser will lead to another high platform, with a large platform just below it that can be reached using a spiral of small ones, followed by a pair of jump pads to reach the laser. Connect this laser, then follow it to the final platform. The jump pad used to reach it will be below it, on the higher ground. Once you land on it, connect it to the final satellite and use the last jump pad to reach the teleporter. This concludes this mission, and it continues in "Explore the Second Moon".

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