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Repair the Laser Defense Shield is a mission in Up Your Arsenal, taking place in the laser defense facility in Capital City, Marcadia. When Ratchet and Clank secured the presidential compound against the tyhrranoid attack, President Phyronix requested that they investigate the laser defense shield, which had gone down after the attack. Using the Refractor he obtained, Ratchet linked the lasers together.

The skill point "Reflect on how to score" can be obtained during this mission.


This mission involves little combat, though one-eyed tyhrranoids, three-eyed tyhrranoids, and ultra mecha-tyhrranoids appear at a few points; when they do, simply use the Plasma Whip, Shock Blaster, or N60 Storm to dispatch them. The Refractor can also reflect back the laser beams of the ultra mecha-tyhrranoids by equipping it. The mission is begun by selecting it from the dropship, which will take you to the laser defense system.

When you begin the mission, you will obtain the Refractor. When you begin the mission, head forward and equip the Refractor, then walk into the laser beam on the left; equip it, and hold L1 or L2 (depending on your control scheme) then aim the laser into the blue port next to the door, opening it. After this, in the next room, connect the laser beam on the left to the small, round laser reflector on the right; turn the bolt crank as well to move this reflector along left, connecting it to the port and opening the next door.

In the next room, connect the laser beam on the right to the reflector directly opposite it. Turn the bolt crank in the middle to move a further reflector closer, and then use the Refractor to connect the laser beam to the port, opening the next door. After this, use the laser beam on the other side and connect it to a reflector on the left, then turn the bolt crank in the center of the room to move it further. Jump up the elevated area, and then connect the laser to a bridge directly ahead, activating it.

Past the bridge is a platform with a laser beam in the middle. Jump on the platform and direct the laser towards the spider symbol on the right; this should attract a spider bot in this room to move towards the symbol and eventually be zapped with the laser, opening the next door. Head through the next set of rooms to find one with a reflector and a laser beam on top of a platform and a bolt crank on the bottom. Turn the bolt crank, jump on the platform, and connect the laser to the receiver, causing it to redirect to both ports and activate the door.

In the next room, turn the bolt crank fully, causing the reflector to redirect the lasers to two areas. Redirect each laser into the ports near the doorway, and then proceed to the final room. In here, simply follow the hallway until you find Al. A cutscene commences and the leads to the next mission, "Play the Qwark vid-comic", for which you have to return to the Starship Phoenix. Use the teleporter to return to the dropship, and then return to your ship and fly to the Phoenix.

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