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Repair drones are enemies in Going Commando. They are purple-colored Megacorp robots used in the Deep Space Disposal Facility to repair the Disposal Facility's defense turrets. They have two arms with yellow pincers pointed forwards, which can repair hover turrets and fire lasers, a single sensor on the front, and a single thruster on their rear.

Repair drones first appeared in the challenge "Disable the Disposal Facility's Defenses". After Ratchet and Clank destroyed a defense turret, they would appear from one of the Disposal Facility's ports around the outer horizontal ring to repair a turret. These repair drones did no damage to Ratchet, but Ratchet had to either destroy them before they could repair a turret, or destroy all the turrets first.

Later, thirty repair drones were infected with a virus during "Destroy the Berserk Repair Drones" (possibly inflicted by the saboteurs). The berserk variant had a more darker paint tone, with the pipes on the top being colored red instead of yellow, and the single sensor on the front changed to three smaller ones, capable of firing lasers. These berserk repair drones dealt significant damage to the Star Explorer with a fast rate-of-fire from their lasers, and were very durable, able to withstand two of the standard Star Explorer missiles. Ratchet destroyed all thirty for a reward in bolts.

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