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Go to Zeldrin Starport and Rendezvous with Qwark are missions in Up Your Arsenal taking place in the Zeldrin Starport. After Ratchet beat Courtney Gears, Sasha Phyronix informed him that the Q-Force had located Dr. Nefarious' star cruiser, the Leviathan, refueling at the Zeldrin Starport. The two traveled there and met up with Captain Qwark to attack.

Two titanium bolts can be obtained on an optional path, as can the Bolt Grabber V2.


The mission is completed simply by heading left after landing in the Zeldrin Starport. This will commence a cutscene with Qwark, after which, board the ship to lead directly into the next mission, "Find Nefarious".

However, before doing so, completing a segment in the Zeldrin Starport allows you to obtain the Bolt Grabber V2, which can significantly help your ability to obtain bolts. Do this before meeting up with Qwark, as completing the next set of missions will immediately take you away from the Starport, requiring you to return.

Bolt Grabber V2

For this segment, your main enemies will be ninja bots, soldier bots, and snipe bots. Most of these are enemies that have already been fought, and variants of the ninja bots have been fought before. Like the variants, they are agile enemies that use either melee or ranged attacks. A good idea during this segment is to use lower level, earlier weapons now in a bid to level them up to V5, as many of them are viable here. If you do this, it is best to play defensively and constantly take advantage of the cover that the enemies use. Otherwise, the Annihilator, Disc Blade Gun, and Rift Inducer, are best in all circumstances. In cases where snipe bots stand on elevated planes, the Flux Rifle is best.

From where Qwark's shuttle is, head right and follow a mostly linear path. The path will lead through a series of rooms, in which ninjas and soldier bots will swarm the area. It is often good to defeat many of these in advance using the Flux Rifle to make the area safer for you. Afterwards, rush in and defeat the rest with your weapon of choice, and move onto the next. Each room often has several blocks of cover which the enemies use, but you can also take advantage of this. Occasionally, the Hypershot will be required to cross terrain.

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