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The Refractor is a gadget in Up Your Arsenal. It allows the user to redirect laser beams, this is done by generating a reflective field around the user, and can redirect continuous beams towards reflectors, causing them to ionize and stay bent.[1] It can also be used to reflect lasers from enemies, such as the mecha-tyhrranoid lasers, or direct mobile ports embedded on spider drones to a specific areas.


Refractor gameplay

Using the Refractor.

The Refractor is found in the Capital City, Marcadia, given to Ratchet for the mission "Repair the Laser Defense Shield". Ratchet used the Refractor to reconnect the laser beams around the network and repair the laser defense shield. It was also used on Obani Gemini to repair the satellite laser links.

Later, it was used in the Command Center, Mylon, during "Battle your way to the Launch Site", to connect laser beams once again and progress further in the Command Center to fight Dr. Nefarious.

The Refractor is required for the skill point "Reflect on how to score" (also a bronze trophy in the high-definition re-release), which requires the player to kill 25 enemies using the Refractor.

Behind the scenes

The Refractor was created by Insomniac Games as they were running out of easy gadgets to implement, and was inspired by light refraction seen in The Legend of Zelda.[2] The segment it was used for on Marcadia, "Repair the Laser Defense Shield", was designed by Mike Stout, who understood it was more important for the player to feel smart than be smart. The segment received high praise by Mark Cerny, who gave him a backhanded compliment by saying that the level was "as good as Ratchet design gets" and "totally makes up for the Inspector Bot segment in the Maktar Resort".[3] Stout himself was proud of the design and implemenation, with the except of the spider challenge, as it was difficult for players to understand it.[4]

Originally, the Refractor would have been obtained on Florana for completing the racing mission that was cut. In unused cutscenes that would have been used for racing with Skidd McMarx, Skidd gave Ratchet the Refractor for beating him.[5] Additionally, in early builds of the game, the Refractor is simply found in the racing garage as a placeholder,[6] as no gameplay was ever completed for racing.[7]


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