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The Refractor is a gadget in Up Your Arsenal. It allows the user to redirect laser beams. This can be used to redirect lasers into sensors, which causes the redirection to last permanently. It can also be used to reflect lasers from from enemies, such as the Mecha-Tyhrranoid lasers.

The Refractor is found in the Laser Defence Facility in the Capital City on planet Marcadia.



Ratchet using the Refractor

The Refractor is primarily used to redirect stationary laser beams into sensors. When directed to a sensor, the beam will stay in place, unless the sensor itself is moved. The beam can also be used to direct spider bots towards a laser. These are all required for the player to progress through certain areas. Additionally, the Refractor can reflect lasers to damage enemies, including the lasers of Mecha-Tyhrranoid enemies.

The Refractor is required for the skill point Reflect on how to score (also a bronze trophy in the high-definition re-release), which requires the player to kill 25 enemies using the Refractor.

Behind the scenes

The Refractor was created by the developers as they were running out of easy gadgets to implement, and was inspired by light refraction seen in The Legend of Zelda.[1]