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Receiver Bots are robots in Going Commando. They are created by Megacorp,[1] and some can be controlled with the Hypnomatic, while others are fought as enemies, when found patrolling. The v3.0 variants have dual blaster cannons, and when hypnotized, they can be used to activate machinery and open doors. Ratchet and Clank encountered them in the Tundor Wastes, Grelbin, in Allgon City, Damosel, and in the Protopet Factory, Yeedil.

There are two types of Receiver Bot. v1.0 Receiver Bots are the smallest, and have only an arm spin attack. v3.0 Receiver Bots are those with dual blaster cannons and receiver dishes, and can be controlled by the Hypnomatic, and use it to subsequently control other v3.0 robots. v3.0 Receiver Bots are designed to keep other Receiver Bots in line.[1] Although there is no stated v2.0 Receiver Bot, it is possible the v3.0 variant without a satellite dish is in fact the v2.0 version.


Ratchet encountered Receiver Bots in Grelbin in the underground mine shaft during "Explore the caves", where he fought through many patrolling the mines in the underground caves. Later, he encountered many in Allgon City during "Save the overrun planet", as several appeared nearby a Megacorp structure. After obtaining the Hypnomatic from the Hypnotist, he was able to control a Receiver Bot in the park nearby that triggered a switch, allowing him to leave through a taxi.

Ratchet then returned to Grelbin for "Find Angela", and controlled Receiver Bots through the factory on the way of her house. Shortly after, in "Break into Megacorp Headquarters", Ratchet controlled them to bypass some of the defenses, and fought several more Receiver Bots in front of the Protopet Factory.


Ratchet using the Hypnomatic on a Receiver Bot.

Receiver Bots are small robots that move using a small sphere in place of legs. Both the v1.0 and v2.0 models have a predominantly yellow color, with red accents, and red rings around each of their arms (with the v3.0 having only one instead of three). They both have a long head (horizontally, length-wise speaking) with two red eyes on either side. The v3.0 models that can be controlled have a receiver dish at the top of their head. Both also have a bright green triangle on the front side of their torso.

v1.0 models are the smallest with thin arms and hands, whereas v3.0 models have guns in place of hands, and are otherwise of a larger and stockier build. Receiver Bots are normally found patrolling an area, or found idle staying in one spot until controlled or until an enemy approaches.

When controlled by Ratchet, Receiver Bots have a 30 second countdown timer during which they can be used. When they take damage, this timer will reduce. When the timer ends, the robot is destroyed.


A Receiver Bot attacking enemies.

Receiver Bots when fought as Ratchet are not particularly durable, but are often very numerous. The v1.0 version is essentially a non-threat and is easy pray to either the Sheepinator or Shield Charger. The non-controllable v3.0 model is more dangerous and capable of a rapid-fire burst of blasts from both its cannons, which deals heavy damage.

They often come in large numbers, but are vulnerable to the Plasma Coil or weapons that spread damage, such as the Bouncer and Hoverbomb Gun. When fighting them while controlling a Receiver Bot it is easy to simply strafe and keep firing, as a controlled bot can fire non-stop.