Receiver Bots were small robots, some of which could be hypnotized by the Hypnomatic.[1] When hypnotized, they were used to activate machinery, open doors and gain information. They were also armed with dual lasers to take down their enemies. They self-destructed after a short period of time. There were three forms of Receiver Bot.

Types of Receiver bots

  • The Receiver Bot v1.0 was yellow and seemed to be smaller than the second version. It could only attack by spinning its arms (it had no cannons). However, it could not be hypnotized with the Hypnomatic.
  • The Receiver Bot v2.0 was yellow. It attacked the same way as the v1.0 and could be hypnotized. It could also hypnotize other Receiver Bots.
  • The Receiver Bot v3.0 was orange. It had its own cannon, could be hypnotized by a Hypnomatic and could hypnotize others of their kind. When hypnotized, they could still be attacked by other enemies.[1]


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