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Ratchet, huh? You look like a squirrel wrapped in tinfoil. I'm gonna take my time takin' you apart! Gonna give my fans their money's worth. And, uh, try not to go cryin' or anythin' all right? I want this to look good for the cameras.

Reactor, DL

Dull Bookworm,[1] better known by his DreadZone stage name Reactor, is an antagonist in Deadlocked. He was a former high school math teacher, who had a relationship with Courtney Gears. He has a nuclear reactor built into his body when becoming a DreadZone contestant, eventually joining the Exterminators. He was defeated by Ratchet and Team Darkstar in the Crusader Tournament.



Dull Bookworm was a math teacher at the Kronos School for the Inept, who worked there while Courtney Gears frequented the school while doing market research for her upcoming album. Their equal love of cafeteria food brought them together, and they started dating. Around this time, she starred with him in a film titled Reactor: Rise of the Sociopathic Bloodlust. After a month, their relationship began to fade, as Courtney could not slow down to the speed of Dull's life and left him.[1][2]

As Dull lacked emotion, he reacted by seeking fame to please her, and raced to the nearest personal enhancement center, and had a live nuclear explosive surgically enhanced into his chest, joining the DreadZone circuit. His success, fame, money, and newfound explosive personality caused her to return to him.[1][2]

Reactor joined the Exterminators, and befriended Shellshock. The two designed a DreadZone challenge together named Air Drop, in which a fleet of DreadZone Dreadnoughts piloted by the DreadZone Volunteer Air Force would practice bombing runs on The Tower of Power, contestants would then run for cover while they fought DreadZone gladiators.


When Ratchet and Team Darkstar joined DreadZone, they managed to defeat Shellshock. Reactor next faced Ratchet in the Crusader Tournament, and fought him one-on-one in the Battledome, causing Ratchet's popularity to soar further. Vernon, a child fan of Reactor, became a fan of Ratchet after he "smoked Reactor".



Reactor was a large, yellow and brown robot with a very bulky upper body design. He had green eyes, and in his center a large green nuclear reactor.


Dull Bookworm, prior to becoming Reactor, had no emotions, and was easily driven by his love of Courtney Gears to have a dangerous surgical implant. After a nuclear reactor was planted in his body, he then developed an explosive personality.[1][2] When fighting Ratchet, he wanted the fight to look as good for the cameras as possible, asking him not to cry.


Reactor was capable of short range flight. He primarily fought in melee combat, using his brute strength from his robotic body to his advantage. He could also fire energy from his arms from a distance.

Behind the scenes

Vernon's Reactor costume

Reactor is voiced by Phil Morris, who also voiced Merc.

Vernon's homemade Reactor costume is an unlockable skin.


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