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Gotta love Razor Claws. Lethal, precise, and stunning to look at! Like me, Captain Qwark!

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The Razor Claws is a weapon manufactured by Grummel Net Industries in Tools of Destruction. It is a melee weapon, and is a pair of wrist-mounted splitter claws that slashes enemies, with slightly longer range than the wrench. They can perform normal ground strikes and air strikes. Each strike powers the claws up for a combo (indicated by the color changing from yellow to red), making it gain power as it is used.

The Razor Claws are available for purchase upon reaching Kerchu City on Jasindu for 125,000 bolts. They can be upgraded with Raritanium, with more ammo, more damage, more raritanium and more bolts, as well as its special Fission Accelerator upgrade which improved its combo attacks. With use, it can be upgraded to the Shredder Claws, which have wider, blue blades and release a burst of Floomis energy on their third strike.

The Razor Claws are notable for their ability to glitch the game and climb walls, accessing otherwise inaccessible areas.


The Razor Claws are wrist-mounted weapons with a small node on the back, from which the splitter claws are generated. The yellowish laser claws change color as they continue to strike enemies and gain power. The Shredder Claws are a light blue instead of yellow.


The Razor Claws are a melee weapon which deal great damage to a target and have a moderate area of effect. The damage of the weapon is very strong, and becomes stronger the more it hits enemies, meaning that it is useful against all types of enemies with the possible exception of flying and shielded enemies. The primary disadvantage of the Razor Claws is that, as a melee weapon, the player must be close to enemies to damage them, meaning often placing themselves in harm's way in order to use the weapon efficiently. This can be difficult when trying to combo the weapon with multiple attacks, as Ratchet could be damaged while doing so. Therefore, it is best when using the weapon to pair it with another source of damage, such as the Nano-Swarmers or Mr. Zurkon. The Razor Claws' damage stays useful, though it is outclassed by longer range damaging weapons with less risk involved in their use such as the Negotiator, and it lacks the stun utility of the Shock Ravager.

The Razor Claws can be upgraded with Raritanium. The player may choose to prioritize upgrading its ammo and damage to play to its strengths, though bolts and Raritanium earned can be useful upgrades. The Fission Accelerator improves its combo attacks, which also plays to the strengths of the weapon, though if the player has difficulty comboing it due to the risks involved, it may be less useful. The Shredder Claws allow it to release Floomis energy on their third strike which, while very useful against tougher enemies when using it, also does not overcome the shortcoming of the weapon being risky to use.


Wall clawing

Razor Claws.JPG

The Razor Claws, or any upgraded version of them, allow the player to scale any relatively smooth vertical wall, cliff or rock lacking a death barrier obstructing them, thus accessing otherwise inaccessible areas. Once the Razor or Shredder Claws were equipped, the player has to hold R2 and high jump into the air close to the wall, attack the wall with the Claws, keep R2 held down, then high jump again on contact and repeat. When finishing the aerial attack, Ratchet automatically lands on his feet, even if there is no surface.

Air clawing

Another possible glitch is air clawing, allowing the player to jump far distances. To do this, with the Razor or Shredder Claws, the player had to hold R2, high jump into the air and then attack with the claws while still holding R2 down. Once scything down with the Claws, if nothing but open space was hit, the Claws would act as if the open space was still a surface, and Ratchet could jump and automatically long jump to a different location.

Behind the scenes

A similar weapon named the Razor Talons were set to appear in A Crack in Time, but was cut due to time constraints and can only be found in the Insomniac Museum.

The Razor Claws appear in the 2016 movie reboot, used by some characters in the film.

The Razor Claws are weapons that can be used by Ratchet in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.