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Ratchet and his Battle Ratchets

Ratchet Clones were clones of Ratchet created by Luna and Otto Destruct on Medical Outpost Omega and later Quadrona to be part of the Technomite's elite "Ratchet Army." While they were made tiny for their secret creation and training in Technomite facilities, they would have been grown to normal size when they were ready for their invasion to begin.

During the final events of Size Matters they were made into a living toys called Battle Ratchets, in order to supply them with new homes after Otto Destruct's defeat.

The clones had two fatal flaws compared to the original: they did not have Clank, and Ratchet was much stronger in terms of armor, weapons, skills, and abilities.


Due to the Technomite's robots being vastly inferior to the likes of Ratchet, it was decided that building an army of Ratchets was the best decision. After stealing DNA from the Lombax, Luna created the Original Ratchet Clone in the Medical Outpost, where she pit it against the strongest warriors they had, the clone managed to take out twenty-five of them before being defeated. Otto Destruct planned to use his Ratchet Army to capture all of the intelligent people in the universe. When Ratchet arrived at Quadrona to confront Otto, Ratchet Clones were sent to stop him; however, Ratchet defeated them all. After Ratchet and Clank defeated Otto Destruct and gave him the brainpower of a monkey, the Elite Ratchet Clones (and presumably the Basic ones too) had nowhere to go. In order to get accommodation for them, Ratchet released them to the public as merchandise under the name "Battle Ratchets"

Three Battle Ratchets lived with Ratchet and Clank in Clank's apartment in Megapolis and were used to help with advertisements, at the end of the game Qwark attempted to tell them a story about himself and his battle with the Squid Beast of Oceana 8 utilizing an Electro Gun, but the two large ones left him midway through as they were uninterested, and the speedy one followed them instead since he did not wish to be left behind.


Regular clones had an identical appearance to Ratchet, although they wore their own special Technomite uniform. The elite clones looked similar to Ratchet, but had a few special traits and abilities. They were given their own characteristics and wore variants of Ratchet's Old School Suit. The Scorcher Ratchet Clones wore Sonic the Hedgehog-like sneakers and had a very skinny body representing speed,. The big, high-healthed, Concussion Gun-wielding clones were the easiest to defeat, due to their short ranged Concussion Gun and slow movement.


Regular ratchetwiki

Wrench Ratchet Clone

Basic Ratchet Clone

There were two types of basic Ratchet Clones: Wrench Ratchet Clones and Lacerator Ratchet Clones. These clones were the weakest but resembled Ratchet the most. They were encountered throughout the cloning facility as regular enemies.

The basic Ratchet Clones also assisted the elite Ratchet Clones in the endurance boss fight.

Elite Ratchet Clone

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Scorcher Ratchet Clone

Muscle ratchet rcwiki

Concussion Gun Ratchet Clones

There were two types of elite Ratchet Clones: Scorcher Ratchet Clones and Concussion Gun Ratchet Clones. These clones were more dangerous but were altered to look less like Ratchet, losing one of his traits to increase one of his others. The Concussion Gun Ratchet Clones were also very slow. They were encountered as part of a survival boss fight right before Otto Destruct, where Ratchet had to survive for three minutes against an onslaught of elite clones. There was also an unfightable third type of elite clone - the Big Wrench Ratchet Clone - that only appeared in the High Impact Games Treehouse and in the final cutscene.
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Big Wrench Ratchet Clone

Battle Ratchets

There were at least three kinds of Battle Ratchets that were available, and one of each of the Battle Ratchets lived with Ratchet in his home. The advertisement noted that they could behave unpredictably due to being living creatures, and required air.


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