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Hi, I'm Tim H, one of the new administrators on the Ratchet & Clank Wiki. I was recently promoted alongside Technobliterator, Jak Himself, and Tumpp1357 (rollbacker) to help out DrNefarious, as the wiki was largely inactive save for one user (who also was an admin but resigned shortly after we joined).

Some of you might know myself, Jak, and Techno as the administrators (and bureaucrats) on the Jak and Daxter Wiki; naturally it's not surprising we all like both of these popular action-adventure-platforming series.

We've always been busy with the J&D wiki, however it is nearing a state of quality where each article, image, template, category, and so on are adequate if not par excellence. To be a little more specific in terms of maintenance, this means no stubs, no missing or poor-quality images, no incomplete infoboxes, no missing data, etc. As such we have started to look towards the R&C wiki for our next project once the J&D wiki is properly finished. Alas, what we saw here unpleasantly surprised us, to say the least. I'll let our actions speak for our opinion regarding the matter.

Since we've been promoted, we've thus far redirected/merged (weapons, skill points, trophies, skins) or deleted (non-notable or out of scope content) articles by nearly 50% of the original article count. Additionally we deleted over a thousand images, all of which were unused, as well as many minor templates and categories. And we aren't even close to done. One other thing of note would be that we brought down Special:WantedPages to below 1000 (the goal is 0, of course).

Anyway, if you feel like you want to get involved in the broader project, feel free to drop us a message on our talk pages. We primarily communicate through off-wiki chat (namely Steam or Discord), so we'll give that info per request. --Tim H - Talk 20:29, October 27, 2016 (UTC)

Annual update: 2017

So far our main intention has been to reduce page count and focus on large-scale wiki projects to reduce as much content as possible. As such we have merged several hundred skill point pages (400 or so to be exact), and lesser numbers of content elsewhere. Per Tumpp's recommendation we have started merging weapon pages alongside improving them in a general direction (ongoing so far). As of this post, we updated the mainpage and overall design, though note that the mainpage is as far as we are concerned a placeholder, keep in mind it is thus not perfect and is to be updated at a later date (the same goes for anything design-related).

In the future we intend to do a thorough re-categorization, which involves scrubbing a majority (we estimate at minimum half) of the existing categories and renaming the other half to something more appropriate and easier to find for our readers. We also will scrub out the project namespace and replace it with something simpler and effective, as we can't expect new users to go through dozens of pages that tell them how to work on a wiki. Third would be a template overhaul, where we will replace existing infoboxes (already happening on the weapon pages), creating actual navboxes, removing a large portion of poorly coded templates and updating the ones we do want to use to properly improve the wiki behind the scenes.

Even further in the future, maybe late 2017 or round 2018, we intend to actually properly rewrite and improve each and every single article and image, game by game, to ensure they are the best that they deserve to be. --Tim H - Talk 20:51, October 27, 2016 (UTC)

Annual update: 2018

Late update! Going into 2018, we have made some good progress on rewriting the content, and also enlisted the help of Thatawesomecat. With a focus on all the "mainline" pre-remake Ratchet & Clank games (which is: original series by IG, Future series, Into the Nexus), and some work on the other games on the side, we have thus far rewritten:

  • All of the game pages for the major games.
  • All major character pages, including large support characters, protagonists, and villains.
  • All weapons, gadgets, and items across the entire series.
  • A few of the major species and faction pages.
  • Created navboxes for weapons, and some for factions and species.

We've also been doing work on adding our own template code to the wiki, which we feel will not only create templates that look nicer, but ones that are a lot cleaner and easier to manage. We're also going to build on our navbox work and make more navboxes, to make the wiki more manageable.

One of our big goals for 2018 is to figure out how to handle the PS4 remake and the new games. After a chat with IG's Community Director James Stevenson, we confirmed once and for all our suspicion that IG did not really want to create a new canon. Therefore, we will organize information in a way that no longer separates the pages or treats the two games as a separate continuity, as there isn't one.

Finally, we're going to go through the games one by one to create script pages, and then within playthroughs, upload images for the games. We'll probably do these one game at a time. Slowly but surely, the wiki is getting closer to the level of quality we envision!--Courtney Gears promo render.png Technobliterator TC 15:55, March 1, 2018 (UTC)