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Ratchet & Clank unused dialogue comprises verbal transcriptions of unused dialogue files findable on the discs of Ratchet & Clank.

  • Game and build sections are organized by order of release.
  • Repeated lines in later builds of the game are omitted from the later lists. Only lines that are not present in a previous build of the game are included in the list.
  • Because the dialogue was unused, it is impossible to ascertain the would-be triggers, therefore they are not indicated. Instead, they are listed by order of length, and categorized under the character who speaks the line.

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Ratchet & Clank (2002 game) E3 demo


Al: I knew you'd be back! So, how about that upgrade?


Helga: No, no, no! I am not changing my mind! I say you pay me, or I twist the Swingshot into a pretzel!


Drek: Greetings esteemed blarg colleagues. As you can see, my robot construction forces are hard at work deforesting this pristine planet. Woodland plots are still available, if you act now! And to all of my friends on worlds scheduled for, well, total annihilation, I suggest you consider a change of scenery before we change it for you. (chuckles) As you can see, progress waits for no- (Cuts out)


Moby: Come on back again!

Ratchet & Clank (2002 game) EB games demo

Hoverbord Girl

Hoverboard girl
  • Okay hoverboy, how about going for the course record?
  • (Smooches) Just part of my job, don't get any ideas! And by the way, you've won a ton of bolts!
  • Okay guys, there's still one time left to beat. Do you want to try for the "galactic record"?
  • What can I say? Skid McMarx is old news! You guys are the fastest boarders in the galaxy!

Ratchet & Clank (2002 game) release

Warship computer

Warship computer: And now to our countdown. One minute. Forty-five seconds. Thirty seconds. Fifteen seconds. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, seven-eights, three-fifths, one half, bye!


Qwark: Hey! Why you little pipsqueak!


  • To go faster, hold down the square button.
  • To fire a rocket, press the circle button.
  • Skill points are used for a special reward.
  • You need a Devastator to take out that helicopter.
  • Run, then jump at the last instant for longer jumps.
  • You can use the right analog stick to control the camera.
  • You can kick off the wall by jumping just as you reach it!
  • You can also use your weapons and your wrench in this mode.
  • Use your Gadgetron Trespasser to unlock this security door.
  • You can use your Magneboots to traverse the ventilation shaft.
  • Let's race! Use the joystick to steer and the X button to jump.
  • To perform tricks, hold down any shoulder button while in the air.
  • When you're underwater, push the X button harder to rise more quickly.
  • You can use your grindboots here! Just jump onto the rail to activate them.
  • Unfortunately, you can't venture beyond this door without a Gadgetron O2 mask.
  • Try using the L2 or R2 button with the left analog stick to strafe while hovering.
  • You can exchange your Gold Bolts for Gold weapons at the Gemlik base in Nebula G34.
  • You're loaded with bolts. How about going to the Gadgetron vendor and spending some?
  • The Gadgetron vendor near your landing site will sell you more ammo. Looks like you need it!
  • Our scanners show that you're low on ammo! Try taking the nearby taxi to the Gadgetron vendor.
  • Power slam that reset button before the time runs out! To Power Slam, jump and press the R1 button.
  • To use the bolt crank, press the square button to attach your wrench- then walk around the platform.
  • You can view a map of the world by pressing the select button or depressing the right analog joystick.
  • With the Thruster Pack, you can Power Slam switches like these by jumping and then pressing the R1 button.
  • To perform a powerful Hyper-Strike with your Gadgetron Omniwrench 8000, press the square button while jumping.
  • You can exchange your Gold Bolts for Gold weapons here on Planet Novalis, or at the Gemlik base in Nebula G34.
  • The area ahead of you contains standard Gadgetron Versa Targets. Use your Swingshot gadget to traverse the gaps!
  • You should consider purchasing a Gadgetron Devastator. It would be very useful against the enemies in this world.
  • The Hologuise is a holographic disguise that fools Sentry bots, allows you to gain access to specially guarded areas.
  • Press the select button or click the right analog joystick to bring up the map. This may help you locate where you are.
  • Did you know you can place any gadget or weapon on your quick select? Just pause and choose quick select from the menu.
  • Congratulations. You've successfully completed all known missions on this world. There may be other secrets to find, though.
  • You are now a proud owner of Gadgetron's Sonic Summoner! Simply equip this handy device whenever you are near a sand mouse residence.
  • May I suggest you use your Glove of Doom in this area? Just sit back and relax while Gadgetron's robotic Agents of Doom do your dirty work.
  • If you want to impress this agent, you'll have to win a hoverboard race. The nearest hoverboard race is in Blackwater City on planet Rilgar.
  • Need something more powerful than your wrench? Get the latest high-tech weaponry from any Gadgetron vendor- and turn your foes into cosmic sludge!
  • The glowing antenna on your Hologuise will change colors to let you know if you are in danger. Green means you're safe and red means you've been caught!
  • Why not try Gadgetron's Glove of Doom? This life-saving gadget lets you attack your enemies from a safe distance with tiny killer robots. Grab one now at a Gadgetron vendor.
  • The atmosphere on Orxon is poisonous. You will need an O2 mask to survive outside your ship. If you must explore the planet, we advise using a robot or other expendable device.
  • You now have a Metal Detector! Whenever you are near a buried stash of bolts- a bolt icon will appear on your screen. Equip the Metal Detector and hold the circle button to track them down.