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Going Commando unused dialogue comprises verbal transcriptions of unused dialogue files findable on the discs of {{subst:gc}.

  • Game and build sections are organized by order of release.
  • Repeated lines in later builds of the game are omitted from the later lists. Only lines that are not present in a previous build of the game are included in the list.
  • Because the dialogue was unused, it is impossible to ascertain the would-be triggers, therefore they are not indicated. Instead, they are listed by order of length, and categorized under the character who speaks the line.

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Going Commando June demo


(Maktar Resort announcer.)

  • You can now compete in our bonus rounds for cash prizes!
  • You've unlocked a new challenge!
  • A new challenge has been unlocked!
  • You've unlocked some new challenges!

Going Commando August beta


  • Explosives are required to destroy the metal door.
  • Expose the power rods with the bolt crank. Press square to attach the wrench, then walk around the platform.
  • Equip the Swingshot and use it on the green target. Press triangle to bring up the quick select menu.
  • Defeating enemies gives you experience. Experience is used to increase your max health and upgrade your weapons.
  • Hold triangle and select a weapon icon with the left analog stick.
  • Destroy all six transponder towers. Transponder towers emit the green beams.
  • Congratulations, you've won the race! Press the start button to play another challenge.
  • The number next to your bolt counter multiplies the amount of bolts you get when you kill an enemy. This multiplier increases each time you defeat an enemy, but it will reset to zero if you get hit. The multiplier maxes out at twenty.
  • Ammo is available for purchase at Megacorp vendors.
  • Check out the specials menu for special features.
  • To view missions still available, press select or R3 to access your map, then press X to open the missions screen.
  • Mod-shops are illegal vendors that sell weapon modifications. When a new mod is offered at one Mod-shop, all Mod-shops will then carry that mod.
  • The platinum vendor offers platinum weapon upgrades for platinum bolts. Platinum weapons have a higher ammo capacity and increase damage when upgraded.
  • You have purchased a platinum upgrade! Platinum upgrades give weapons greater ammo capacity and can be upgraded an additional level.
  • Your platinum weapon has just upgraded! It is now more effective against enemies.
  • Fly through the ammunition crate to pick up more ammo for your weapons.
  • Fly through the invincibility crate to protect your ship.
  • Fly through the shield crate to repair your ship's shields.
  • Ship upgrades are available at Slim Cognito's Ship Shack. Select its location on your galactic map.
  • To control the camera, use the right analog stick.
  • Try using the Gravity Bomb against those enemies.
  • Try selecting the Gravity Bomb and using it against those enemies.
  • Progress is saving. While this icon is on the screen, do not remove the memory card or turn off the power.
  • Weapons are more effective than your wrench against strong enemies.
  • To strafe, you can hold down L2 or R2 while running sideways or backwards.
  • Jump and press square for a more powerful wrench attack.
  • To throw your wrench, hold R1 and press square.
  • The bomb can be used to destroy those force-field generators. Grab the bomb with the Tractor Beam, then pull it back from the slingshot and let it go.
  • Megacorp souvenirs are available at the kiosk.
  • For a map, press R3.
  • Press and hold triangle for your quick select.
  • The robot can be thrown to elevated locations. Move him to the slingshot and pull back with the tractor beam.
  • Grab the inspector robot with the Tractor Beam and move it to the glowing pad.
  • You should use the Swingshot here.
  • Hold triangle and select lift to move the block.
  • Double tap triangle to switch between recently used items.
  • You should consider buying the Miniturret from your nearest vendor.
  • You've just collected ore! Ore can be traded for ship upgrades.
  • Press square to attach the wrench to the bolt crank.
  • Buried deep beneath the planet's surface is precious ore. This mining vehicle can be used to dig up the ore. Ore can be traded for space ship upgrades.
  • Purchasing armor will decrease damage from enemy attacks.
  • Press the right analog stick in the direction of the green paths. Follow the green paths to move through the maze and complete the circuit before time runs out.
  • You need the Infiltrator here. You'll have to go to another planet to find it.
  • The Tractor Beam can be used to move these rockets into the target locations.
  • This force field must be de-activated to access your ship.
  • Hold triangle and select hammer to smash objects.
  • Use the blast pads to get on top of the buildings.
  • Use the fling pads to get to distant locations.
  • Destroy the enemy mothership to defeat the invaders.
  • Destroy the glowing panels to make the ship vulnerable.
  • Congratulations! You have the choice to go back in time before you defeated Qwark or play a new game in Challenge mode. Challenge mode is a good way to earn a lot of bolts by playing a tougher version of the game. You get to keep all your weapons and you can upgrade them to platinum weapons using platinum bolts.
  • Our armor gives you the ability to do what you want to do, when you want to do it.
  • Welcome to Megacorp armor outfitters!
  • Now available, Carbonox armor! The ultimate in full body protection.
  • Choose a weapon.
  • Just released: Duraplate armor!
  • Now offering: Electrosteel armor!
  • Are you embarrassed to go out some days? You need the added protection of Electrosteel armor! The most form-fitting, most comfortable armor we've ever created.
  • Selling the finest armor in the Bogon galaxy.
  • Megacorp: the first name in weapons.
  • Sign up today for our free catalog!
  • Each weapon comes with Megacorp's gold warranty service!
  • Electrosteel, guaranteed not to chafe or pinch.
  • Investing in your protection!
  • Just released: Duraplate armor! Duraplate is the perfect choice if you're always on the go.
  • Duraplate won't slow you down. You can enjoy all your favorite activities with lightweight duraplate.
  • We offer the lowest prices in the Bogon galaxy, guaranteed.
  • If you're not safe, we're not doing our job.
  • Making your life a little safer one day at a time!
  • We protect you.
  • Let us satisfy all of your destructive urges.
  • If we don't sell it, you don't need it!
  • Make a statement with weapons from Megacorp!
  • Take control with our new Carbonox armor!
  • Try our new Tetrafiber armor!
  • Tetrafiber gives you confidence when other protection fails.
  • Thank you for your purchase.
  • Having trouble getting your point across? Let Megacorp weaponry do the talking for you.
  • Choose a weapon or ammo!
  • Welcome to the Megacorp weapons emporium.
  • We're working to keep you safe.

Thug Leader

Thug Leader
  • Now for the two for one special!
  • Come out and die like a man!
  • Come out and fight like a man!
  • If you want someone killed right, you gotta do it yourself.

Slim Cognito

Slim Cognito
  • I ain't got all day, pal.
  • Speed it up pal. Let's go. Chop chop!
  • Is it hot in here, or is it just me?!
  • Hurry up buddy, I'm double parked.
  • You guys are keeping me in business, all by yourselves.
  • Put what you got in the slot and I'll take care of it for ya.
  • Whatever you got, put it in the slot.
  • Ah, you again. You know the drill.
  • Let's go pal, I've got a manicure appointment to get to.
  • You two are, uh, on the level, right? Good!
  • I could uh, get in a lot of trouble for this.
  • All right, whatcha got this time?

Clearance pad voice

Clearance pad voice: Doors will now open.

Going Commando August demo

Thug Leader

Thug Leader
  • Blast it! I knew I should have bought the bigger mech.
  • Okay, let's boogie!
  • Why don't you ditch your furry sidekick and come work for us?!
  • (laughs) That's a good one!
  • Impressive. Most impressive!
  • Ho ho ho! Looks like someone's beeen practicing!
  • Rock 'em, sock 'em, robot style!
  • Not bad for scrap metal.

Going Commando release

Unused cutscenes

Ratchet: Hey, check this out. Another wrench!

Clank: But what if it is worse than the old one?

Ratchet: Uh, I don't think it works that way.

(A separate file.)
Thug Leader: Greetings morons. Since my employees did such a lousy job of takin' care of yous, I thought I'd come and handle things myself.

Clank: You must be the head of Thugs-4-Less.

Thug Leader: No, 'you' must be the-.. oh. Wait, yeah! (chuckles) I run Thugs-4-Less and you two have gotten on the wrong side of my tracks!

Ratchet: Your tracks?

Thug Leader: Never-mind. I'll just show you what I mean.


  • You see that moon? Let's go exploring.
  • Woah! It looks like we've been picked up by Megacorp's deep space defenses. We've gotta take 'em out before we can land.
  • Okay, let's get to Megacorp.


  • The Thermanator can also freeze small bodies of water.
  • Try using Miniturrets here.
  • This receiver bot has a spin attack. Press square to spin and attack enemies. To exit the robot, press triangle.


(Joba announcer.)

  • He defeated Megapede! I can't believe my eyes!
  • Enter: The Arachnoid!
  • Enter: Megapede!
  • The winner of this challenge will receive the Gravity Boots!
  • Our next challenge is a cage match. The winner will receive the Infiltrator!
  • That's a long way down!
  • And the winner is: Megapede!
  • Megapede is the winner!
  • The tag-team wins the battle!
  • You've won the Infiltrator!

Thug Leader

Thug Leader
  • I'd fight you with my bare hands, but it's a lot easier this way!
  • You destroyed my mech! I spent two million bolts on this thing. I want my two million bolts!!
  • Ugh! Eject, eject! Where's the eject button?! I can't believe there's no stinkin' eject button! (screams)
  • That's gotta hurt!
  • Another item for my resume!


  • Come along now!
  • Follow me!
  • Aww! Aren't those squirrels cute?
  • Please do not stray from the group.
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