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Trophy: Ultimate Explorer
Collect every gold bolt Silver

This page is a list of all twenty-eight gold bolt locations in Ratchet & Clank. Gold bolts are hidden in each location, excluding Novalis. The majority are accessible on the first visit, though this is under the presumption the player is already in possession of the required gadget, weapon, or item. Several bolts can only be acquired after revisiting the location later, as the required item is only available later in the game. Gold bolts are used to unlock extras and parts of the Insomniac Museum. Their locations are also revealed on the map with the Map-o-Matic found on Kalebo III during "Ride the grindrail".

Collecting all the gold bolts will unlock the silver trophy Ultimate Explorer.


After "Journey outside the airlock"

The gold bolt on Veldin can be obtained by climbing a ramp using the Magneboots. It is located to the right of Grimm's garage on the path to the fairgrounds, where the Galactic Ranger tryouts were held. Climbing up the ramp will lead you to it and some crates.


The first gold bolt is located in the grav-train station. It can be obtained during "Ride the train to the Hall of Heroes," or by returning to the station by boarding the grav-train from the Hall of Heroes. After climbing the stairs into the station, head to the right and use the Helipack to climb a large stack of solid crates, behind which the gold bolt is located, along with several breakable crates.

The second gold bolt is obtained in the Captain Qwark Fitness Course during "Complete fitness course". Complete the course, and it will be found on the third and final island.


The first gold bolt is obtained in the Sandshark Valley, in the area during "Help Skidd get to his ship". A grating in the wall on the right reveals a visible but inaccessible gold bolt through a cave. To obtain it, head forward from here along the wall on the right and jump over the mud, and a weakness in the wall will be revealed with cracked rocks. Use the Fusion Grenade or a similarly explosive weapon to break your way through and access the cave.

The second one is located in the green room in the McMarx Sports Shack, where the Hydrodisplacer was located at the end of "Locate the gadget inside the McMarx Sports Shack‎‎". Drop down into the water left over and dive down to find the gold bolt located in the middle of a large spinning fan.

After "Journey outside the airlock" and "Destroy the hydroharvesters"

The third one requires the Magneboots and Thrusterpack to reach it, and is found on the back of a truck located at the end of a sand island in the middle of the mud lake. First, a wall must be climbed in the area Don Wonderstar was found in "Find Skidd's Agent", the area following the construction site where several blarg were fought. At the top of this wall, a bolt crank here can be turned using the Thrusterpack to lower construction materials with cranes. This will create a path of versa-targets that you cross using the Swingshot to reach the island, which is populated by sandsharks. After fighting through the sandsharks, the gold bolt can be reached.


The first gold bolt can be found in the containment area, the large maze at the end of the "Travel to the hoverboard event" mission, located in the only part with walls that cannot be lowered from the outside. The area is accessed by climbing a pillar with an advertising board located just at the exit to the maze, taking the Helipack (or Thrusterpack) up to the top to land, then jumping from here to the top of the maze walls, walking along to jump down into the part with the gold bolt.

The second is located on the hoverboard race course in any of the cups. Keep to the upper level by taking the ramp up to it found on the inside of the second turn and the gold bolt is found in a boost ring.

After "Clean up Amoeboids in Pumping Station"

The third is found by returning to the sewers in the "Escape the sewers!" area (with the rising water) with the O2 Mask. The area can be returned to by taking the taxi to the Blackwater Markets with the Shady Salesman, and then jumping down the hole and swimming down to return. Swim back through this area until you the first water basin is found on the right-hand side; swim down it to find a hidden tunnel leading to a small secluded cave where the gold bolt is located on a small stretch of dry land.

Nebula G34

The gold bolt is located along the route for the mission "Find the top secret Blarg research project", shortly before the blargian snagglebeast arena. In the large room with cages lining the walls, jump up to the higher row on the level above, and the gold bolt is found in the second-last cage which leads to a small cavern containing alien swarmers and the gold bolt.


After "Trade 10 brains for a jetpack"

The first gold bolt is the first of two found in the Telepathopus Fields with the XK-81 Jetpack, located on a metallic platform in the northeastern area of the Fields. The platform contains a circular hole in the middle, with several blarg troopers, a turret, and a refueling station surrounding it. In the middle of the hole is the gold bolt sitting on the tip of a small volcano found inside.

The second gold bolt found in the Telepathopus Fields is found in its western area, where a strip of land between two telepathopus traps is found. Nearby the traps is a cliff, with the gold bolt found on top by flying up to it with the Jetpack.

The third is found on the far southwestern end of the map in the Docking Bay near the Blarg Depot. The Docking Bay is guarded by warbots, blarg, and a blarg armored transport. The gold bolt is found on the platform closest to lava behind a forcefield; stand on the three tri-pad buttons to reveal the gold bolt.

The fourth gold bolt is located close to the ship's landing area, but cannot be accessed without the Jetpack. Head to the area in the Blarg Depot near where the Grindboots were found at the end of "Fight the Blarg". Nearby on the furthest southern part of the map is a platform with a ramp leading up to a large building; climb it with the Magneboots, avoiding all flames on the bottom, to reach the inside of the building down to a small cavern. At the end of this cavern, after fighting the blarg and warbots inside, activate a tri-pad and take an elevator up to the top, where the gold bolt is located.


The first is obtained in the village area near where the ship is landing, visited in "Travel to the Fort". From the Gadgetron vendor, the building furthest along on the left contains the gold bolt on top of it. Head to the entrance to the building, then wall jump between the two walls that lead up to the top to obtain the gold bolt.

The second is found later on the route for the mission "Travel to the Fort". After the first bridge extended with the bolt crank, instead of going down the ice slide to the left, turn right and head up the rocks, then use the Helipack (or Thrusterpack) to jump across to a cliff and a few platforms to reveal a gold bolt.

The third is found inside Fort Krontos itself, visited in "Get to the Turret", along the ramparts on top. At the end of the fort by the bolt crank opening the door to the exit, turn left to find a stack of crates that lead up to the ramparts on the top level. Rather than breaking them, jump up to the ramparts, and then turn left and head across to find the gold bolt. If the crates were broken, the Helipack (or Thrusterpack) can be used to reach the corners of the walls.


The first gold bolt is found underwater, and can be found at any point after arriving. Nearby the second and last docking station for Felton Razz' boat during "Find the technician", and close to a small island with two palm trees in the middle of the area, an underwater arch is located with a wooden pirate's treasure chest underneath it. Swim down here to obtain the gold bolt.

The second is close to the route while escorting Felton Razz during "Find the technician". From where the second boat is found, look past it to the south to see a large, rocky island in the middle of the ocean. Swim over to it and climb to the top of it to obtain the gold bolt (but swim close enough so as to avoid the sharkigators).

The third is rewarded for completing the optional mission "Find a way to the top of the waterfall".


The first gold bolt is found at the end of the Clank section in "Disable the security lasers" (which can be returned to by accessing a pipe located far to the left of the door at the entrance to the factory upon returning). Gather the three gadgebots in the room. Turn one into a springbot and throw it to the left of the crane to reach the other level (where a gadgebot is obtained), and get the remaining two gadgebots up there. On this level, directly behind is a grating with a gold bolt inside. Turn one gadgebot to a bridgebot reaching across to reach it, and another to a springbot, thrown at the end of the bridge. Then, collect the bomb from the previous room, and bounce up the springbots to where the grating is found and destroy the grating, obtaining the gold bolt in here.

The second gold bolt is found inside the factory in the warbot production line found in "Investigate the factory", once the Jetpack has fuel. At the top of the room, in the southeastern corner, a door requires a Trespasser to open it. Use it to open the door to a bolt crank, which will open the door behind that to a room with lava (where Clank escaped during "Escape the factory"). Fly over with the jetpack and a gold bolt is found here.

The third gold bolt is also found in the factory. In the western side of the top, fly over to a doorway leading to a small room, hit the green button here to lower a forcefield to a tunnel halfway down the structure in the middle of the room, then fly into the tunnel to grab the gold bolt.

Kalebo III

The first gold bolt is found on the grind rail during the "Ride the grindrail" mission, and requires four buttons to be hit to unlock an optional rail near the end. Partway through, right before the triple set of rails with trains ends is a button on the right rail; hit it with the OmniWrench. The next two buttons are found on the first optional set of rails located to your right; hit the switches here and return to the main rail. The final optional rail has a large gate with an active forcefield, and one more button in front of it; hit the last button to progress further through the optional rail, at the end of which, the gold bolt is located.

The second gold bolt is found during the "Find the Focus Lab" mission route, where a special bolt crank is located on a platform, used to spin the platform around. A gold bolt is visible adjacent to the next area the platform now points towards. Head across and use the elevator to ride up, then turn around and use the Thrusterpack to reach the ledge just on the left. The gold bolt can then be found just afterwards.

The final gold bolt is located on the hoverboard race track, located on the end of the second shortcut path.


The first gold bolt is found in Drek's office in the Deplanetizer at the top of the room, entered during "Head to the Bridge" in the first visit or in "Locate the Gravity Stabilizer" in the second visit. From Drek's office terminal where the Trespasser is used, look up and to the right to see a green button. Shoot it, and a ledge will fall down. Climb up to the top and jump across the platforms to reach the gold bolt.

The second is only accessible on the second visit, in the area for "Head to the Core" in the large room with two golden Drek statues. Look for two large rectangular crates with blue icons on them. Jump on the first, then jump on the yellow ladder-like ledges to the right that lead to the top of the room. Once here, jump across two floating platforms once they converge to reach the gold bolt.