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Extras is a menu option that is used to access various miscellaneous content related to the Ratchet & Clank. Extras are unlocked by collecting gold bolts. They are separated into three main types.


Image Galleries

The Image Galleries contain concept art and design images. There are four unlockable galleries.

Name Description How to unlock
Characters Contains concept art of the characters created and re-imagined for the game Collect 23 gold bolts
Weapons Contains concept art of the weapons created for the game Collect 17 gold bolts
Environments Contains concept art of the locations created and re-imagined for the game Collect 14 gold bolts
Ratchet & Clank (2002) Contains concept art from the original game Collect 9 gold bolts

Appearance Settings

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Th Appearance Settings provide cosmetic or aesthetic changes to the game, which do not affect gameplay. They are split into five sections. Screen Filters add a filter to the game's screen, Bolt Styles change the appearance of bolts and the sound effect when they are collected, Head Masks provide a mask for Ratchet's head, Ranger Armor Paints recolor Ratchet's armor, and Ranger Ship Paints recolor the Class-G Star Jumper. A sixth option, Hide HUD, is also available.

Name Description How to unlock
Screen Filters
Action-Buster Collect 2 gold bolts
1970s Collect 2 gold bolts
Bleached Collect 7 gold bolts
Cross Process Collect 7 gold bolts
Old-Fashioned Collect 12 gold bolts
Silver Collect 12 gold bolts
Sepia Collect 12 gold bolts
Bolt styles
Metal currency Turns bolts into coins with a cat-shaped logo in the center Collect 3 gold bolts
Adorable Toruses Turns bolts into thick rings Collect 8 gold bolts
Rare Minerals Turns bolts into brightly colored gems Collect 13 gold bolts
Spherical Spheres Turns bolts into glowing orbs, changes the sound effects Collect 18 gold bolts
Head Masks
Victor Von Ion Replaces Ratchet's head with Victor Von Ion's Collect 1 gold bolt
Qwarkbot Replaces Ratchet's head with a Qwark bot's Collect 4 gold bolts
Snagglebeast Replaces Ratchet's head with the blargian snagglebeast's Collect 6 gold bolts
T-Rex Replaces Ratchet's head with a tyrannosaurus rex's Collect 11 gold bolts
Nefarious Replaces Ratchet's head with Dr. Nefarious' Collect 20 gold bolts
Dan Johnson Replaces Ratchet's head with Dan Johnson's Collect 25 gold bolts
Range Armor Paints
Burning Inferno Makes Ratchet's armor red with yellow lights, adds flame decals Collect 16 gold bolts
Chrometastic Makes Ratchet's armor metallic silver with red lights, gives him an opaque black visor Collect 21 gold bolts
Qwark Green Makes Ratchet's armor green with lime-green lights, adds Qwark's logo to his chest Collect 26 gold bolts
Ranger Ship Paints
Hot Rod Changes Ratchet's ship to be crimson with flame decals Collect 19 gold bolts
Anodised Changes Ratchet's ship to be a metallic silver Collect 22 gold bolts
Ninja Black Changes Ratchet's ship to be a flat black Collect 26 gold bolts
Hide HUD
Hide HUD Allows you to hide all HUD elements, including the Plasma Striker's scope Collect 15 gold bolts


Cheats directly affect gameplay, and are split into three sections.

Name Description How to unlock
Game Speed
Slow Slows game speed Collect 5 gold bolts
Fast Speeds up game speed Collect 10 gold bolts
Infinite Ammo
Infinite ammo Allows you to fire all weapons without spending ammo. Note that usage of this cheat prevents you from acquiring nanotech for both weapons and health when used in conjunction with Invincibility. Collect 27 gold bolts
Invincibility Allows you to be completely immune to damage Collect 28 gold bolts

Behind the scenes

The Bolt Styles from Ratchet & Clank (PS4) are references to classic videogames, with the Metallic Currency being reminiscent of Coins from Super Mario Bros., the Adorable Toruses being based on Rings from Sonic the Hedgehog, and the Rare Minerals looking identical to Rupees from The Legend of Zelda.