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You're looking at a Z3000 Deluxe Hoverboard manufactured by Gadgetron. You can use it in races held throughout the galaxy. The hoverboard automatically equips as soon as you step onto an Official Gadgetron HoverTrack.

While racing, use X to jump. You can perform tricks by jumping and pressing combinations of L1, R2, L1, and L2. Try using Left analog stick to spin while in the air as well.

Find a Zoomerator and convert those tricks to turbo.


The Persuader is a black market device outlawed on most planets and for good reason. It uses illegal technology to warp minds. We at Gadgetron do not support this device since our Vendors are vulnerable to its power.

Once you find this device, it is equipped permanently. The Persuader is powered by Raritanium.

Bolt Grabber

The Bolt Grabber is one of Gadgetron's most popular gadgets. Once you own one, it is permanently attached and will attract bolts over much greater distances.

Premium Nanotech

Developed by the Blarg scientists, Premium Nanotech increases your maximum health by one nanotech sphere.

Ultra Nanotech

Ultra Nanotech represents the pinnacle of Blarg engineering. This incredible boost increases your maximum health by three nanotech spheres.


The Map-o-matic is a result of Gadgetron's ongoing efforts to map every square inch of the entire galaxy. By simply possessing it, you can see areas on your map which were previously uncharted.


The Zoomerator is an attachment for the Gadgetron Z3000 Deluxe Hoverboard which, through special quantum technology, converts tricks into turbo boost.

Possessing the Zoomerator is crucial to winning some of the more difficult hoverboard races held in this galaxy. And if you need to convince anyone of your racing prowess, just show 'em the Zoomerator.


Gadgetron CodeBots are necessary for opening Invinco-Vaults. There is always one CodeBot for each vault and therefore a CodeBot can only be used once.




Your OmniWrench 8000 has a fast combo attack performed by simply pressing Square three times in succession.


The Hyper-Strike does more damage than your regular wrench attack. Jump with X and then hit Square for a powerful downward strike.


The Comet-Strike is one of the more useful features of the OmniWrench 8000. Crouch with L1 and then hit Square. You can also pick up distant bolts with his move!

Wall jump

Look for 'jump slots' with textures like the picture above. Jump toward one wall using X and then hit X again just as you hit the wall. Jump back and forth between the walls to get to the top of the slot.

Crouch turn

Crouch with L1 and then use Left analog stick to turn in place. Using this technique, you can turn in place and fire weapons.


When you're in water, press Square to dive and X to rise. Push X harder to rise more quickly. Watch your air gauge! If the bubbles run out, you'll drown.

Side flip

Try a side flip! Hold L1 to crouch and snap Right analog stick right or left while pressing X. Go for style by firing your weapons while flipping!

Back flip

This move is effective when backing away from enemies. Hold L1 to crouch and snap Left analog stick back while pressing X. Try lobbing bombs while doing back flips!

Ledge grab

Ratchet will automatically grab ledges if you jump up to them. To pull yourself up, hit X. To drop down hit L1 or R2.

Ledge traversal

When hanging from a ledge you can traverse it by moving Left analog stick left or right.


Now that you have the Gadgetron Heli-Pack upgrade, you can use its Glide feature! Jump using X then hit X again to glide. You can also perform the Glide with the Thruster-Pack.

Boost Jump

The Boost Jump is another helpful feature included in your Heli-Pack and Thruster-Pack upgrades. Hold L1 to crouch and press X to jump. You can do a Glide out of a Boost Jump by pressing X again.

Stretch Jump

To do a Stretch Jump, get a running start then press and hold L1 and X together. For maximum distance when jumping across gaps, jump from the very edge of the gap.


Bomb Glove

The Bomb Glove is an affordable, entry-level weapon. In fact, it's FREE! We believe in this product so strongly that we're willing to give it away to first-time customers!

Effective at close or medium-range, this device can be especially handy against clusters of enemies.

Hold down L1 for precision aiming. Makes a great gift!

Gold Bomb Glove

The Gold Bomb Glove replaces your original Bomb Glove and provides more power and bigger explosions from your bombs! The Gold Bomb Glove also offers longer range when in aiming mode! A real bargain for only a few Gold Bolts!


Having problems with swarms of small creatures? The Gadgetron Pyrocitor is the answer! This flamethrower device will toast 'em fast!

User Tip: Hold down Circlefor a constant stream of fire.

Gold Pyrocitor

The Gold Pyrocitor is Gadgetron's deluxe version of its popular flamethrower. This weapon does more damage and does it faster than the original. It also has a greater range and a soothing green flame.


The Blaster is a great all-purpose weapon. Even though its range is limited, its high rate of fire makes it ideal for taking on tough enemies at close and medium ranges. Hold down L1 to use its sniper capabilities.

This gun chews up ammo fast so be sure to pick up as much Blaster ammo as you can carry.

Gold Blaster

Whey settle for a regular Blaster when you can have a Gold Blaster? Greater range, firing rate and power is yours with this gold plated beauty.

And as an added bonus, your projectiles will ricochet off any object - increasing the damage you can do!

Glove of Doom

Want some explosive new friends? Try the Glove of Doom! This handy device lets you throw Gadgetron's DoomEggs which hatch into four Agents of Doom.

These tenacious little robots will track down and destroy any nearby threats! Up to 8 agents can be activated at once!

Gold Glove of Doom

While the regular Glove of Doom has become a favorite among galactic adventurers, the Gold Glove of Doom brings new functionality to this classic.

The Gold version now offers you larger, faster and more powerful Agents! And with their new gloss black exterior, your Agents will fit in nicely at any social function!

Mine Glove

The Mine Glove drops floating mines which will activate when any enemies walk into range. Use mines to set traps for your foes! Or try them in combination with Gadgetron's Taunter!

Use L1 for precision placement of the mines.

Gold Mine Glove

The Gold Mine Glove is a simple yet effective improvement to the original. Your mines will do more damage, activate at a larger range, and can even be thrown farther when in aiming mode. A solid addition to any adventurer's arsenal!


While the Taunter doesn't have offensive capabilities, it's great for luring enemies into mines, forcefields or simply into range of your other weapons. The Taunter will also activate any mines you've placed in the environment, increasing their effective range.

When used together, Gadgetron's Mine Glove and Taunter are a deadly combination!

Suck Cannon

The Suck Cannon is a prototype weapon under development by the Blarg. What we know about this device is that it uses new quantum technology to suck up small enemies, then convert them to explosive projectiles.

Simply hold down Circle to suck enemies into the gun. Then, tap Circle again to fire an enemy back out! Keep Circle held down for rapid fire!

Gold Suck Cannon

Even though the Suck Cannon was never released as a production weapon, we've decided to release a Gold version thanks to the prototype's popularity.

The Gold Suck Cannon has an increased capacity and its projectiles will now do more damage.


The Devastator is the perfect combination of long range effectiveness and economy. Less expensive than some of Gadgetron's other long range weapons, the Devastator can bring down flying enemies with ease.

Try the Devastator's new Auto-Lockon feature! Hold down L1 and the Lockon reticule will turn green when a target is acquired. Once locked on, the Devastator missiles will automatically seek moving targets.

Gold Devastator

When we at Gadgetron set out to create a Gold Devastator, we were at a temporary loss. How does one improve on perfection? And then our engineering staff developed a new targeting technology which enables each missile to hit multiple targets and do even MORE damage! Go ahead... fire a few rockets and enjoy the show!


Gadgetron's most popular short range weapon, the Walloper really packs a punch! This 'punching glove' is the perfect device for close range combat, when projectile weapons just won't do the job.

Visibomb Gun

The Visibomb Gun is the most effective long range weapon made by Gadgetron! Just launch a remote-controlled Visibomb and deliver a massive payload with pinpoint accuracy!

Caution: always fire the gun from a safe place, since damage to the user will terminate the missile's flight.

Decoy Glove

Ever want to distract your foes while you sneak past unscathed? The Decoy Glove creates customized, inflatable dummies in your own likeness! Your enemies will attack the dummy, while you sneak past them (or attack them from behind!)

Gold Decoy Glove

The Decoy Glove has always been one of Gadgetron's more entertaining weapons, and the Gold Decoy Glove is sure to earn a permanent place in your armory. Not only does it have a brand new look, but it now will automatically damage any enemy who attacks it!

Drone Device

Whenever this device is selected from the Quick Select menu or Weapons menu, it will automatically deploy protective Defense Drones. These drones will absorb damage from incoming attacks, leaving your hands free to use other weapons.

If any drones are destroyed, simply select the device again to replenish your orbiting friends.

Tesla Claw

Using state-of-the-art electrostatic technology, the Tesla Claw is the pinnacle of Gadgetron weapons technology. The Tesla Claw sends a powerful stream of charged particles to your nearest foe, destroying it with deadly efficiency.

The Tesla Claw will automatically seek a new target whenever its current target is obliterated.

Gold Tesla Claw

The Gold Tesla Claw is a more powerful version of one of Gadgetron's most effective weapons. Fry your enemies even faster with this dynamo!


While it originated as a failed attempt to create a disintegration ray, the Morph-o-Ray has now become one of Gadgetron's most popular devices. Just shine the Morph-o-Ray beam at your foes and watch them turn into harmless chickens! Hold the beam on an enemy for a short period of time to convert it.

Caution: larger enemies may take longer to convert.

Gold Morph-o-Ray

When we realized how popular the Morpharay had become, we couldn't wait to make a Gold Morpharay. Yes, this is the perfect weapon for chicken-lovers everywhere. Now featuring even faster morphing technology!

And, due to popular demand, we've even super-sized the chickens. BIG CHICKENS! Could anyone ask for more?


Originally manufactured by Gadgetron as the ultimate in tactical offensive weaponry, the R.Y.N.O. ('Rip You a New One') is now only available from black market vendors.

Featuring high-capacity, rapid-fire, auto-tracking missiles, this weapon was simply deemed too dangerous for civilian use.



Gadgetron's Trespasser is the perfect device for getting past Invinco-Locks Simply stand on the activation pad for an Invinco-Lock and press Circle to bring up the Invinco-Lock interface.

Lasers are mounted on each ring of the Invinco-Lock. Push Left analog stick up and down to select which ring is active; push left and right to rotate the ring. Aim the lasers at the receptors on the outside ring to turn them green.

All receptors must be green before the Invinco-Lock will open.


Using quantum compression technology, the Hydrodisplacer can hold up to 50,000 liters of water. This device is invaluable for draining and filling large pools. To fill the Hydrodisplacer, simply find a Gadgetron Hydro-Faucet, step on the activation pad and press Circle.

When you use a Hydro-Faucet, it will automatically convert to a Hydro-Drain. You can deposit the Hydrodisplacer's contents at any Hydro-Drain.


When equipped, the Gadgetron Swingshot enables users to use Versa-Targets to reach new areas. Versa-Targets come in two varieties: green targets are for grappling and pulling, while yellow targets are used for swinging back and forth.

Caution: to prevent injury, do not release Circle until you are in range of your destination.

Gadgetron PDA

The Gadgetron Personal Delivery Assistant can be deployed anywhere for instant ammo delivery! Simply equip the device and press Circle. Gadgetron will be at your service immediately!

Metal Detector

While this Metal Detector is not manufactured by Gadgetron, we do have extensive records on its use. Whether or not the device is equipped, a bolt icon will show up on screen whenever you are near a buried stash of bolts.

Once the Metal Detector is equipped, it will give you singles to indicate the proximity to buried bolts. As you get closer, the rings will become redder and the beeping will become faster. The detector plate will indicate the direction of the buried bolts.


The Gadgetron Hologuise is the perfect infiltration device for all our non-robot customers! Simply equip the device and hit Circle. You will instantly be disguised as a robot, preventing detection by most robotic security systems. Press Circle again to wave at fellow robots who can deactivate force-fields for you.

Caution: Use of any weapon while disguised will deactivate the Hologuise!


With the Heli-Pack upgrade, you can perform a Boost Jump by jumping from a crouched position. You can also perform a Stretch Jump by pressing L1 while running, then immediately pressing X.

To glide, simply press and hold X while in the air. Visit your local Robo-Shack dealer to equip this upgrade!


The Thruster-Pack upgrade has Boost Jump, Stretch Jump and Glide features just like the Heli-Pack. In addition the Thruster-Pack provides a special maneuver called the Power Slam. Press L1 during a jump to activate the Power Slam.

The Power Slam can open special locks and break objects in the environment.


The Hydro-Pack upgrade is a black market offering not endorsed by Gadgetron. This upgrade significantly increases swim speed and will even let you swim against currents

O2 Mask

Want to breathe underwater? How about taking a space walk? You can even survive in poisonous atmospheres with the O2 Mask from Gadgetron! This mask auto-equips whenever it senses that you need extra oxygen! Or if you prefer, you can equip it any time and wear it for its stylish looks.

Sonic Summoner

The Sonic Summoner allows you to interact with the mysterious and intelligent Sand Mice species. Despite their innocent appearance, Sand Mice are very effective and aggressive hunters.

Simply equip the Sonic Summoner when you are near a Sand Mouse House, and a mouse will emerge to greet you. If the mouse likes you, it may offer a bit of high-caliber tactical assistance.

Pilot's Helmet

Developed by the Blarg, the Pilot's Helmet is a direct neural interface that allows you to pilot Blarg fighters. The control scheme is simple enough for even a Blarg to use: Square: fire machine guns. Circle: launch missiles. X: engage afterburners.

Grind Boots

Rumors circulated for a brief time that someone had invented a device called 'Grindboots' that would somehow allow users to slide along thin narrow rails at high speeds. After further investigation, we do not believe any such device ever existed.


The Magneboots are still under development at Gadgetron, and are not currently for sale. A few prototype versions of the device have been circulated for beta testing. The boots are designed to adhere firmly to specially ionized Magne-Strips, thus allowing users to walk up walls and even upside down!

Exercise caution, however, as the Magneboots will not prevent you from falling if you should step off the Magne-Strips!


Mission descriptions

(Accessed from opening missions on the map.)


Investigate crash site

That ship looked like it crashed near here! Find the site where it landed, and perhaps you can learn more about what happened.


Find a new ship

Thanks to your stellar piloting, you're stranded without a ship. Complicating matters is the fact that Tobruk Crater is being invaded by Drek's robot army. Yet with all of that military hardware, there's got to be a ship around somewhere...

Explore the waterworks

These waterworks are one of the things Drek plans to steal from this planet. You should search them thoroughly before they're ripped from the planet.

Buy Infobot from mechanic

(MAP: Buy Infobot for 500 bolts)
Good job finding the mechanic. You should seriously consider buying the Infobot he has for sale. It will provide coordinates for a new planet.


Locate Skid McMarx

That distress signal indicated that Skid Mc Marx ejected from his doomed ship. If he's still alive, it would be probably be worth finding him. Maybe you could get an autograph...

Help Skid get to his ship

(MAP: Eliminate sandsharks for Hoverboard)
Destroy all of the sandsharks and sandshark nests in the canyon leading to Skid's ship. You may want to pick up a Pyrocitor for this - those sandsharks are nasty. Don't forget, there's a Hoverboard in it for you.

Find Skid's agent

That chatty guy in the Infobot must have been Skid's agent. If he landed safely, you should track him down - agents always have useful information.

Bring prize to agent

(MAP: Talk to agent after winning race)
The agent mentioned that Hoverboard races are being help on Planet Rilgar. If you win the grand prize, you should bring it back to him as proof of your prowess. Perhaps he'll give you something useful in return. Better make sure you have a Hoverboard before you enter the race.

Use your Swingshot

The west side of the factory has Swingshot Versa-Targets everywhere. You should explore but you'll need a Swingshot first.

(Upon returning with Swingshot.)

The west side of the factory has swingshot targets everywhere. You'll need that swingshot of yours to explore.


Explore the rest of the city

In a city this big, there must be something interesting you can find!

Visit Al's Roboshack

Captain Qwark starred in the commercial for Al's Roboshack. Maybe Al knows where he is.

Buy Heli-Pack from Al

(MAP: Buy Heli-Pack for 1,000 bolts)
Al will sell you a Heli-Pack upgrade, which should improve Clank's abilities.

Explore the rest of the city

Al's got a storage area behind his shop. Perhaps it leads to another section of the city...

Ride the Robot Train

The train used to provide scenic tours of Metropolis but after the Blarg invaded, things changed. It's still worth taking a ride...

Complete fitness course

Finish Captain Qwark's fitness challenge and you may get a prize

Buy Swingshot from trainer

(MAP: Buy Swingshot for 1,000 bolts) The trainer is demanding money for the Swingshot. Buy it, you're sure to need it later.


Confront robot lieutenant

Track down Drek's right-hand robot. He's got to have some useful information.

Explore the mills

With all of these robots running around, there's probably some good hardware available...

Blarg Tactical Research Station

Explore the space station

The Infobot for this station showed a lot of new hardware being crated. Perhaps if you look hard enough you'll find some.

Buy Grindboots

(MAP: Buy Grindboots for 2,000 bolts) This is definitely a worthwhile purchase. Grindboots are rare but very useful.

Explore the Blarg warship

The Blarg shut down this warship after it was overrun with mutants from the labs. It's still fairly new so maybe they left something behind.

Destroy the warship

(MAP: Destroy the warship)
Strike a blow against Drek and activate the ship's self-destruct sequence.

Journey outside the airlock

There's no air outside the space station, so Clank's got to explore by himself.


(MAP: Buy R.Y.N.O. for 150,000 bolts)

Win the hoverboard race

(MAP: Race for Zoomerator)
Captain Qwark is presenting the grand prize for the race. If you win the race, you've got proof that you're a pro!

Locate Captain Qwark

Since Captain Qwark is here for the races, it would be a good idea to track him down and ask for his help.

Bribe the bodyguard

(MAP: Bribe Bodyguard with 4,000 bolts)
The bodyguard won't let you in unless you grease his palm with some bolts


Survive Qwark's gauntlet

Qwark may help you if you can get to the inner chambers of his fortress.

Destroy the Snagglebeast

(MAP: Exterminate the Snagglebeast)
Qwark has betrayed you! The only way you're going to be able to track him down is to get past his pet Snagglebeast.

Find a new ship

Now you need to find a way off of this planet. Maybe Qwark has an extra ship in the garage attached to this cave...


Scout the area

If you can break away from the battles, it would be a good idea to explore the quieter areas of this world.

Ride the grind rail

These transport rails look like a great place to try out a pair of Grindboots.

Buy Deserter's Infobot

(MAP: Buy Infobot for 2,000 bolts)
Even though this guy is a coward, the Infobot he has could be crucial to tracking down Drek.

Meet the Commando at city

The Commando needs your help. Meet him at the platform before the city.

Explore the walled city

To get to the walled city, you'll have to climb the ventilation shaft using a pair of Magneboots

Destroy the bombers

(MAP: Destroy the bombers)
These guys need someone with good aim to operate the turret outside the city. Shoot well and you may be able to help stop the invasion. Talk to the Waterworker on the bluff outside of the city.


Find the Pilot's Helmet

That testing area you saw in the Infobot must be somewhere on this base...


Search the laboratories

Clank will have to take care of this one. The deserted Blarg laboratories are in the caves and probably contain some useful items.

Traverse the wilderness

Beyond the laboratories lies a hostile environment where Clank will need his Gadge-Bot buddies to survive.

Explore as Ratchet

There are some Blarg troopers stationed in the factory along with the mutated wildlife. If you can get through the hordes, you could find some useful tech that the Blarg left behind. Ratchet needs the O2 Mask for this.

Catch the Infobot

Catch this Infobot. But watch out, it's fast!

Buy the Premium Nanotech

(MAP: Buy Premium Nanotech for 4,000 bolts)
Premium Nanotech will boost your overall health. It's definitely a worthwhile purchase.

(Buy Ultra Nanotech for 30,000 bolts)


Check out the resort

Looks like the Infobot for this planet was a little misleading. The Blarg ships dumping toxic waste have turned the seas into mutant breeding grounds. Since all of the tourists have been scared away, this would be a good time to do some exploring.

Navigate the sewers

Welcome to the Jowai Resort sewer system! It's certainly one of the cleaner systems on this planet. Maybe there's something down here that Ratchet can use.

Bring Raritanium to Inventor

(MAP: Trade Raritanium for Persuader)
The Inventor needs some Raritanium. Maybe you can find some on another world.

Help the resort owner

(MAP: Help owner for O2 mask)
The resort owner needs your help to get to his escape jet. Clear out the enemies along the path.

Buy Thrusterpack from Bob

(MAP: Buy Thruster-Pack for 2,000 bolts)
If you're going to open the jet fighter garage, you should stop by Bob's Roboshack. Bob may have something to help you out.

Destroy the Blarg ships

(MAP: Destroy Blarg ships for O2 mask)
Now that you've got the Thruster-Pack, you can open the Jet Plane garage and blow those Blarg out of the sky! And don't forget, if you succeed, you'll get an O2 Mask!


Explore the Icy Wastes

Before Drek's commandos arrived, the factories in this level were well-known for refining Raritanium. There must still be plenty of high-tech equipment around worth finding...

Destroy the Planetbuster

Drek's planetbuster bomb is about to be lifted off-planet. You've got to stop it or some unfortunate planet's gonna be blown to bits.

Buy Hydro-Pack from Ed

(MAP: Buy Hydro-Pack for 2,000 bolts)
With this Hydro-Pack, Ratchet can travel more quickly underwater. Get it, you'll need it.

Gemlik Base

Explore base

Even though you missed Drek, this base may have a ship fast enough to catch up with him. You should look around.

Shoot down Captain Qwark

(MAP: Shoot down Captain Qwark)
This is your big chance to exact revenge for what Qwark did to you. Find a ship and shoot him down!


Find survivors of the Blarg attack

Even though most of the city's residents have fled the Blarg attack on the planet, there are probably a few still left. They might have some information to help you stop Drek.

Search the destroyed city

It would be worthwhile to take a look around here. There may be some useful equipment left behind in the remains of the city.

Buy Infobot from scrap merchant

(MAP: Buy Infobot for 2,000 bolts)
This Infobot may contain valuable information to help you stop Drek. And at half-price, how could you pass it up?

Purchase Gadgetron PDA from 'Steve'

(MAP: Buy Gadgetron PDA for 1,000 bolts)
The Gadgetron PDA will let you purchase ammunition at any time. This would definitely be a big help when away from a Gadgetron vendor.


Find out more about the Ultra-Mech

The Ultra-Mech looks like a powerful piece of weaponry. There must be someone around who knows more about it.

Explore the coolant system

The factory's coolant systems are the very latest in Blarg technology. It would be a good idea to look around and see if they've left anything interesting in there.

Infiltrate the secure area

Clank escaped from the secure inner areas of this factory! If you could somehow sneak in, you could find out more information about Drek's whereabouts.

Destroy the Ultra-Mechs

(MAP: Destroy the Ultra-Mechs)
Destroying these Ultra-Mechs would throw a wrench into Drek's plans. They're too big for Ratchet, but Giant Clank could take them out.

Kalebo III

Find new equipment

There's got to be all sorts of great equipment here at Gadgetron Headquarters. That Hologuise you saw in the Infobot movie could be really useful. Someone at Gadgetron Headquarters must have one...

Get past the Blarg

Drek has sent his commandos after you. They've triggered the Gadgetron automated defenses and things have gone haywire. Find someone in charge to warn about the Blarg!

Ride the Grind Rail

You can use your Grind Boots to speed along Gadgetron's transportation system. But watch out for moving cars!

Win the Hoverboard race

(MAP: Race for Hologuise)
Win the Hoverboard race and Ratchet could be Gadgetron's newest star. You might even get some Gadgetron equipment as a bonus.

Drek's Fleet

Find the coordinates for Drek's laser

The location of the laser to destroy Ratchet's planet should be listed somewhere on Drek's ship. Get to the command ship and find out where it is so you can stop him in time.

Swim through the water tanker

This huge tanker is hauling water for Drek's new planet. There may be interesting technology inside, but you'll need to use your Hydro-Pack to get through something this big.

Veldin (revisit)

Save Ratchet's planet

Drek's laser is set up to destroy Ratchet's home planet! Destroy the laser and foil Drek's plans.