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Trophy: Bolt Commando
Collect forty gold bolts Gold

This page is a list of all gold bolt locations in Ratchet & Clank. There are a total of forty gold bolts hidden in each location. The majority of these are accessible on the first visit, though this is under the presumption the player is already in possession of the required weapon, gadget, or item. Several bolts can only be acquired after revisiting the location later, as the required item is only available later in the game. Veldin is the only exception, as at first, you can only access a small portion of Kyzil Plateau, with the rest being available only at the very end of the game.

Collecting all gold bolts in the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions of Ratchet & Clank will unlock the gold trophy Bolt Commando.

Location Gold bolts
Tobruk Crater, Novalis 3
Metropolis, Kerwan 3
Outpost X11, Aridia 4
Logging site, Eudora 1
Blarg Tactical Research Station, Nebula G34 2
Blackwater City, Rilgar 2
Qwark's headquarters, Umbris 2
Fort Krontos, Batalia 2
Blarg Depot, Gaspar 2
Kogor Refinery, Orxon 2
Jowai Resort, Pokitaru 1
Bomb factory, Hoven 2
Gemlik Base, Oltanis orbit 1
Gorda City, Oltanis 4
Robot factory, Quartu 2
Gadgetron site, Kalebo III 2
Drek's fleet, Veldin orbit 2
Kyzil Plateau, Veldin 3


Map of Tobruk Crater.

The first gold bolt is located in the same path you take during the mission "Explore the waterworks". Upon landing on Novalis, turn around and take the series of platforms to a small room with several peckbots. Clear it out and face the corridor filled with uneven steps to the left. Instead of taking said steps, you must wall jump (X followed by X when stuck to a wall) to reach a hidden platform high up, on which is the first gold bolt.

The second is hidden in a short tunnel area, also reached from the landing area. To get there, you must go through the tiny canyon nearby and cross the pool of water to reach the door at the end. Use the OmniWrench 8000 and the bolt crank to open it. Defeat the three birdbots in the next room, followed by jumping into the pool of water and swimming through the pipe, exiting into a large water basin. Upon surfacing, you will find yourself in another large cavern, with several more water basins. Climb down to the ground floor with another bolt crank and two peckbots and inspect the wall on the left side; you will notice several cracks. Hit it with an explosive weapon, such as the Bomb Glove or Devastator, to break it and discover the gold bolt and a large number of crates.

After "Buy Hydro-Pack from Ed"

Finding the last gold bolt on Novalis requires use of the Hydro-Pack, available on Hoven in the mission "Buy Hydro-Pack from Ed". This gadget is required to swim through the fast-flowing river in the center of Tobruk Crater, which leads underneath the bridge and into a tunnel. Swim through and you will find yourself in a cave system infested with several amoeboids and a number of bolt crates. The only available paths lead either left and right, merging shortly after, and leading into the largest room with several amoeboids. A ladder on the right wall leads to both the final gold bolt and a shortcut to the start of the cave system.


Map of Metropolis.

After "Buy Heli-Pack from Al"

The first gold bolt is located in a hidden underpass beneath the landing area, reaching from that side all the way to the other end, next to a Gadgetron vendor. Simply jump off the edge and use the Heli-Pack to glide down safely towards the tunnel, easily noticeable by the many hover cars flying through it.

The second is hidden inside a lone tower, only accessible from the top of the large yellow structure in the fitness course. On the edge opposite from where the zipline is, you will see a railing. A piece of it is missing, from where you can see a large gray tower. Near the visible bottom is an accessible area with a number of crates visible in the distance. Glide down and grab the gold bolt hidden here.

The third and final gold bolt is hidden at the train station at the end of the "Explore the rest of the city" mission. After taking an escalator and entering the station, the only apparent path is to the left, as the right is seemingly blocked by luggage and cargo. However, using the Heli-Pack, it is possible to climb a stack of them to reach a hidden area with some enemies and crates. Another series of stacked luggage and cargo will then lead you to the gold bolt.


Map of Outpost X11.

At the end of the "Use your Swingshot" mission, where one would find the Trespasser, is a large walkway in a tall, cylindrical tower. Right below the walkway is a slowly rotating platform. Jump down to find a gold bolt hidden directly underneath the center of the top platform. To get back up, use the Swingshot and the lone versa-target.

There is a grating with a gold bolt visible through it in the wall past the area where Skidd's escape pod landed, located in the general "Help Skid get to his ship" mission area. Follow the wall to an apparent dead end, and then look closer for a section that appears cracked and vulnerable. Use an explosive weapon to break it open and access the gold bolt in this area.

After "Buy Heli-Pack from Al"

The third gold bolt is on top of a parked truck in the middle of a sand island, which is located in the center of the mud lake. To reach it, take the last elevator out of the construction site and then turn right, facing the aforementioned island and part of the structure's wall. The nearby mud can be safely touched, but you will have to reach the island quickly before you drown. The first and only safe spot between your current location and the island is the corner of said wall, a surface large enough to stand on. Simply stretch jump to reach it and then stretch jump again to reach the island.

After "Search the laboratories"

At the end of the mission area for "Find Skid's agent" is a massive laser mounted on top of a large structure, which itself rests on an even larger base. The wall of said base is located opposite the mud lake shore, and is only accessible with the Magneboots. Walk up any of the available Magne-Strips to access the gold bolt hidden inside the structure housing the machine.


Map of the Logging Site.

The only gold bolt is hidden on a tall ledge to the right of the landing pad, in between the two groups of sawbots. Stand on the nearby highest ledge and use a boost jump with the Heli-Pack to reach up and grab the bolt.

Blarg Tactical Research Station

Map of the Blarg Tactical Research Station.

Near the end of the path for the "Explore the space station" mission is a large room with several cages lining the walls on the side, with one row at ground level and another above it. The second-last cage on the higher row on the right side is actually broken and leads to a small cavern filled with alien swarmers and a gold bolt.

After "Destroy the blarg ships"

The area accessed during the mission "Journey outside the airlock" is normally accessible only by Clank, though Ratchet can also venture into the vacuum of space once he has acquired the O2 Mask. Follow the path Clank took and enter the first spaceship on the left, then head to the rear and jump across the gap and to the right, onto the nose of the second ship. The gold bolt sits here on top of a thin walkway.


Map of Blackwater City

There is a maze near the end of the "Win the hoverboard race" mission path. Said maze consists of laser walls dividing an area into square blocks, with buttons used to deactivate the lasers. The gold bolt is clearly visible, but the corresponding nearby button is broken. To reach it, step on top of the only sewer cap in the area and jump onto the maze's walls. From there, carefully walk over and jump down into the square with the gold bolt. Step on the extra button here to clear the lasers.

After "Destroy the blarg ships"

In the "Locate Captain Qwark" mission path is a section involving an area flooding with water. Return here with the O2 Mask, and the Hydro-Pack preferably, to find it is still flooded. Swim through this area until you reach the first water basin on the right-hand side. Swim down to find a hidden tunnel that leads to a tiny secluded cave with the gold bolt located on a small stretch of dry land.


Map of Qwark's headquarters.

The first gold bolt is located in a shut tower located at the other end of a bridge, found immediately after the barbed wire area and a series of versa-targets. Three pressure switches are located on ledges surrounding the side and rear of the structure. Press each one in time to open the door on the front side and find the gold bolt within.

Deeper within the compound, at the area with the sharkigators, find the second pool with a lone sharkigator inside. Ignore it and instead go to the fenced ledge facing the outer area. Look down to find a small plot of land encased in tall walls, as well as a gold bolt and three pressure switches. Jump down, grab the bolt, and hit the switches to free yourself.


Map of Fort Krontos.

There is a building with an Invinco-Lock very close to the landing pad. The gold bolt is not inside said building, but instead on top of it, accessible by wall-jumping between the two walls that stand in front of the door.

In the next area is a bridge that has to be activated by a bolt crank, after which a cannonball tank drives across. Make your way across and turn right, using the steps and platforms to reach a hidden plateau with the second gold bolt.


Map of the Blag Depot.

To the right of the landing area is a path that leads to a long trail of small islands and metal platforms, used as docking stations for blarg destroyers to refuel. Several chompers patrol here, but otherwise, the area is relatively safe. You must make your way from island to island, generally by way of the Swingshot, sometimes destroying the refueling stations to take down destroyers blocking your path. Note that they sometimes leave metal platforms that will help navigate further, and that destroying all ten rewards you with the "Destroyed" skill point. At the end, you must take down the last four ships to reach the gold bolt, after which you can use a boat to return to the start.

To reach the second bolt, head to the end of the path you take for the "Find the Pilot's Helmet" mission, at the very end of which you must stand on a metal platform and look for a large amount of sand, with a hollow interior that leads to a hidden cave deep within. Jump and glide using the Heli-Pack to embark on a short linear adventure through a tunnel, notable for numerous magma pillars (that limit visibility and deal damage when touched) and a large amount of blarg paratroopers, as well as a few chompers and lone blarg generator. The paratroopers are most easily dealt with using the Glove of Doom or quick reaction time and the Devastator. Regardless, take the elevator at the end to find a short trail leading to the gold bolt.


Map of the Kogor Refinery.

After "Destroy the blarg ships"

Equip yourself with the O2 Mask and enter the area of the Kogor Refinery that Clank had to explore. Turn left, then right, going past the Gadge-Bot port, and then left into a curving tunnel. Halfway through here is an alcove, which you can use to wall-jump to a hidden area at the top, where a gold bolt lies.

Head for the area behind the landing pad where bombs constantly rain down. Equip the Visibomb Gun and fire at the large pink barrier-thing at the top of a cliff, behind which you can then see a gold bolt. The next part is quite difficult and requires you to steer another Visibomb through the tunnel, dodging the various curves and stalactites, to destroy another barrier at the other end. To then reach said end, retrace the path of the "Catch the Infobot" mission, and near the end of the area, at the second-last turn before entering the building with the Magne-Strips, you can find the other end of the tunnel. You will be able to collect the gold bolt by carefully making your way through it, while also avoiding the surrounding toxic sludge and explosive crates.


Map of the Jowai Resort.

After "Buy Thrusterpack from Bob"

There is a small stretch of beach at the start of Jowai Resort. Jump into the water at the end and dive towards the left. There is a hidden cave entrance, which leads to a series of steps and a power slam switch, which requires use of the Thruster-Pack's power slam feature. Once slammed in, it activates a bridge that allows you to access a hidden river area, inhabited by a huge amount of puffer fish and several psy-tcopuses. Defeat them as you wish to reach the gold bolt at the end of the river, atop a plateau and next to the start of a waterfall.


Map of the Bomb factory.

Near the starting area is a small cluster of pine trees, behind which is a small snowfield inhabited by a group of anklebiters. There is a moving vertical platform nearby, which can be used along with the adjacent cliff wall to wall jump to the top to reach a gold bolt.

Along the path for the mission "Buy Hydro-Pack from Ed" is a water puzzle involving the use of the Hydrodisplacer. You must flood the chamber to be able to reach the exit. However, in one of the dead ends in which you have to use an Insta-Faucet (specifically the second-last), is a tiny hidden hollow space above it. To reach this, simply flood the chamber, swim into the tunnel, and take advantage of the higher water level to climb on top of the ledge, where you can grab the gold bolt.[a]

Gemlik Base

Map of Gemlik Base.

There is a room inside the Gemlik Base, in which you have to use a series of metal platforms to cross a pool of acid that rises and sinks repeatedly. There is a single taller platform that does not get submerged in the acid, and it must be used to reach an easily missed side room. As you stand on the platform, turn left to see a short tunnel with the gold bolt visible at the end. If you then look behind you and to your left, you will see a bronze-colored opening. Fire a Visibomb through it, then curve it up and around to find a second, triangular-shaped opening on the top of this building. Stay on target and direct your Visibomb through this opening, down the shaft, and into a forcefield generator. Keep in mind the triangular opening faces outward, not directly down. Then, simply stretch jump to reach the bolt. Alternatively, you can return to the base after completing all missions, as the barrier will be gone even with the tower still there.


Map of Gorda City.

Near the end of the mission path for "Purchase Gadgetron PDA from 'Steve'", you will run into a lone plasmabot and minibomber after making it across a Magne-Strip. There is a hidden gold bolt on a lower ledge of the main ice-covered platform, directly to the right upon exiting the magnetic path.

Directly after the first gold bolt is a short section in which you must use the ledge grab to make it across a yellow wall. Instead of only climbing halfway, climb to the very end to find a gold bolt hidden behind the rubble.

When following the path for "Find the survivors of the blarg attack", after the first grind rail is a second platform is a hidden versa-target above you. Swing up to it to grab the bolt in the small space to your right.

After "Find the survivors of the blarg attack", "Buy Infobot from scrap merchant", "Search the destroyed city" and "Purchase Gadgetron PDA from 'Steve'"

Once all missions on Oltanis have been finished, a blarg bomber will bomb the statue on the central plaza platform, revealing a button. When pressed, it activates a long series of consecutive versa-targets, a few of which are attached to blarg heavy interceptors. Use the Swingshot to swing from target to target, making sure to time properly when you watch to latch onto the interceptors. The gold bolt waits at the final platform.


Map of the Robot Factory.

After "Swim through the water tanker"

Take the CodeBot item to a locked door at the very end of the path surrounding the arena where you fought the Ultra-Mech Unlimiteds. Once opened, you can find a large amount of crates inside, as well as a gold bolt.

In the room where you meet Clank's mother is a hidden versa-target near the ceiling of the room, directly above the talking computer. Swing up to it to enter a hidden room with a gold bolt.

Kalebo III

Map of the Gadgetron site.

Step onto the grind rail that you also had to traverse for the "Ride the Grind Rail" mission. Partway through is a switch right before the triple set of rails ends and turns back into one. Shortly afterwards is an optional section of rails on which you can find two more switches, as well as several bolt thieves that appear to not be armed with mines and will instead try to block you with their own body. Smash both the switches and the enemies with your OmniWrench, and continue along the normal intended track. Near the end is another optional section that is normally blocked by a barrier, but now accessible with all switches activated. Many more bolt thieves will try to halt you, but you will eventually be able to grab the gold bolt, whereafter you can return to the normal track and reach the end.

Once at the Gadgetron HelpDesk's office, turn around and look for a hidden platform beneath the grind rail. On here is a teleporter that leads to the Gadgetron employee breakroom, in which is a gold bolt and a flock of chickens.

Drek's fleet

Map of Drek's Fleet.

There is a well-hidden split path near the end of the underwater tunnel that must be traversed in the mission "Swim through the water tanker". Directly before swimming through the last set of rings, stop and turn left to see a gate blocking part of the tunnel. Swim through the rings, then turn around and quickly swim through to find a gold bolt in a hidden room. A nearby button will again activate the timer, allowing you to leave.

At the very end of Drek's flagship is a short section in which you must traverse a corridor by walking across the ceiling, before being transported to the floor by a moving platform. Normally, you would continue to the bridge and find an infobot to end the mission "Find the coordinates for Drek's laser", but to get a gold bolt, you must instead turn around and head back through the ship. Follow this path, fighting several sentry-bots and robomutts, as well as dodging many collections of lasers. Once cleared, you will find the gold bolt, as well as a power source that was keeping up a barrier encountered earlier.


Map of Kyzil Plateau.

There is a hidden gold bolt in an area accessible directly after the third rocket tank, which in itself is encountered after the first water basin. Exit the cavern, destroy the tank, and fend off any nearby enemies. Instead of moving forward, turn right to find a blue holographic barrier blocking a tunnel. Equip the Taunter and use it to lure a horny toad to a button that deactivates the barrier. You will then be able to enter the tunnel and grab the gold bolt at the end.

Halfway through is a large chasm that must be crossed using the Swingshot. Instead of doing so, turn right and leap across a series of metal platforms that lead to another gold bolt.

Near the end of the area is a large, circular hole in the ground, prior to yet another chasm that must be crossed using the Swingshot. Instead of crossing the chasm, jump on top of a tiny metal platform at the edge of the right side of this area. From here, glide down to a larger platform that is hidden below, and jump onto a really short grind rail. This will lead you to a tunnel that contains the final and 40th gold bolt in the game.


  1. Though it is not the normal method for obtaining this bolt, it is possible to reach it without raising the water levels, by attempting to jump to to the top of the faucet and hopping over to the space where the bolt is, this is most easily achieved by using Helipack Boost Jumps.