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Goodies is a menu option that is used to access various miscellaneous content related to the Ratchet & Clank. This includes skill points, credits, cheats, cinematics, a sketchbook, and several videos. It is unlocked once the player enters challenge mode.


Section Description How to unlock
Skill Points Skill Points are special tasks that you can complete to unlock features! Complete the game
Credits See who is responsible for making this game! Complete the game
Cheats If you're successfully entered a cheat, you can toggle it on and off here. Complete the game
Cinematics Watch some of the between-worlds movies from the game. Complete the game
In-Level Movies Watch movies for the world you're in. Complete the game
Sketchbook Look at some of the art that went into making the game! Unlocked after 15 skill points have been achieved
Epilogue See what happened after Drek's defeat! Unlocked after all 30 skill points have been achieved
'Making Of' Video Check out this special behind-the-scenes video with Insomniac Games! Unlocked after all 10 gold weapons have been obtained
Commercials Watch the hilarious television commercials for Ratchet and Clank! Unlocked after all 10 gold weapons have been obtained

Skill Points

The Skill Points feature lists all skill points the player has completed thus far. Those that have not been completed are blanked out with question marks, only revealing the planet on which they can be acquired.


The Credits feature allows one to play the game's credits scene in full.


The Cheats feature allows the player to toggle on any cheats if they have entered a cheat code based on combining some of the game's basic moves. Eight cheats can be unlocked.

Cheat Description Code
Ratchet has a big head Enlarges Ratchet's head Flip back x3, crouch for full second, stretch jump, glide for full second
Clank has a large noggin Enlarges Clank's head Flip back, hyper-strike, comet-strike, double jump, hyper-strike, flip left, flip right, crouch for full second
Actors have oversized craniums Enlarges the heads of all non-player characters Flip left, flip right, flip back x2, comet-strike, double jump, comet-strike, hyper-strike
Enemies have massive domes Enlarges the heads of all enemies Stretch jump, flip back x3, stretch jump, flip back x3, stretch jump, flip back x3, crouch for full second
Levels are mirrored Mirrors the in-game world, left is right, right is left Flip left x4, three-hit wrench combo, hyper-strike, flip right x4, double jump, crouch for full second
Health gives invincibility at max Temporary gives invincibility for 30 seconds when a nanotech orb is collected and only at full health Comet-strike x4, flip back, crouch for full second, flip back, crouch for full second, comet-strike x4
Trippy contrails Creates an effect behind Ratchet during rail slides Wall jump x10, double jump, hyper-strike


The Cinematics feature plays any of the pre-rendered cinematic cutscenes, such as those in infobots, those appearing in between traveling to planets, and the beginning and ending scenes.

In-Level Movies

The In-Level Movies feature plays any of the in-game cutscenes, such as those that involve encounters with non-player characters, on the current planet the player is on.

Programming bug

The In-Level Movies menu is programmed in such a way that the cutscenes occur in real time and on the actual level, resulting in the actual Ratchet freezing and becoming inactive, as well as most other entities. Activating a movie and then returning back to the normal game will have various inadvertent effects. For example, the player can use it while swimming to walk underwater, or while grinding to stand on the rail. On Gemlik Base, it can be used to walk underneath the acid pits by playing a movie while gliding above the acid at its lowest point. Waiting long enough for the acid to then rise back up while the movie plays, and then canceling the movie lets you land underneath the surface. Similarly on Kalebo III, you can use it to land on the Hoverboard racetrack by repeatedly playing movies to cancel Ratchet's falling animation. On Umbris, the homing mines will lose track of Ratchet and keep moving when a movie is played. On Kerwan, the Grav-train keeps traveling even during a movie. Consequently, if Ratchet jumps while riding the train and a movie starts playing while Ratchet is in mid-air, the train will eventually leave, and Ratchet will have nothing to land on, ultimately falling to his death.


The Sketchbook feature shows thirty pictures of concept art made for the game, along with a description for some insight into them. In order to unlock the Sketchbook, the player must collect fifteen skill points.

Page Developer description
1 (early Ratchet sketches) These are some of the concept sketches for Ratchet. We decided early on that he would be a bipedal alien creature with fur. And if anyone asks you, Ratchet is a Lombax.
2 (early Clank sketches) Clank too went through many forms. He was originally even younger looking with a bigger head and smaller body. In fact, at first Clank was three much smaller robots but in the end we decided to use just one so that we could develop his personality more easily.
3 (Ratchet and Clank final sketch) And here we have the final sketch for our two main characters. Ratchet came into existence on paper for the first time within two weeks of the initial idea for the game. This final sketch was done about three months later.
4 (early Batalia sketch) Fort Krontos on Batalia came from the top sketch. We wanted to create forested islands under aerial attack. Then we turned it into more of tropical fort. Kind of the way development goes sometimes.

The bottom sketch was one of the many from which we stole pieces for various levels...
5 (early Eudora machinery sketch) These cliff-hugging structures evolved into the cliffside machinery you can see in parts of the Logging Site on Planet Eudora. They were originally part of a populated city but we decided to make this a robot-only area.
6 (Quartu factory sketch) This is an element from the robot factory exterior on Planet Quartu. The factory on this planet is where Clank is made at the beginning of the game.
7 (early Gaspar and Rilgar sketches) The top sketch is an early drawing of Blarg Depot on Planet Gaspar. The bottom is the production design for Blackwater City on Planet Rilgar.
8 (early Hoven sketch) The Bomb Factory on Planet Hoven was derived from these sketches. Our original idea was that the inhabitants were mining ice and shipping it offworld.

But then we decided that the Blarg should invade and convert all the processing plants to munitions factories. Blarg equals bad news.
9 (factory power source sketch) A hanging power source for one of our factories. Can you guess which one?
10 (early Eudora concept sketch) The top drawing shows off early concepts for the Logging Site on Planet Eudora. This was one of our first worlds and our initial goal was to create a forest-city. It changed drastically during production

The bottom sketch shows off peaceful structures from the Bomb Factory on Planet Hoven
11 (Oltanis generator sketches) Generator concepts for Gorda City on Planet Oltanis. Because the city is plagued by lightning storms, the inhabitants use the generators to attract the lightning and convert it into useful energy.

Unfortunately Drek wants the generators for his new planets and the citizens don't stand a chance.
12 (Kerwan building sketch) One of the very first levels we prototyped was Metropolis on Planet Kerwan. We wanted lots of greenery built into the retro sci-fi buildings to create a unique contrast. We ended up removing most of the bronze caps though because they began to clash with the rest of the city.

This world was one of the first big ones we built and almost started a war between the designers and the artist.
13 (early Umbris sketch) This is the first concept for Qwark's HQ on Planet Umbris. We removed the lightning rods after we realized that it made the central structure look too small.

The general idea for Qwark's HQ was that it should be very reminiscent of a WWII battlefield replete with bunkers, machine guns and barbed wire.
14 (Rilgar building sketch) Here's a building study for one of the structures near Qwark's trailer in Blackwater City. We ended up modifying it significantly though and the final result is a bit different...
15 (Batalia palette sketch) This is a good example of the palette studies we create for every world. This one was for Fort Krontos on Planet Batalia.

We ended up changing the weather from a sunny day to a rainstorm but the color palette didn't vary very much from this painting.
16 (blarg trooper and commander sketches) Two examples of the character sheets we use to model the enemies in the game. The top is a Blarg Trooper while the Blarg Commander is on the bottom.
17 (Robot head sketches) We love our robots! These are some of the many head designs we created for the robot troops who fight Ratchet.

And if you look closely you can pick out our Animation Director and our lead Character Designer.
18 (Ratchet's first ship sketch) Here's Ratchets' first ship. Too bad he wrecks it so early in the game. We wanted it to be a real homemade job - held together by chewing gym and wire. We still can't agree on exactly why he crashed it on Planet Novalis....
19 (courier ship and Qwark tour ship sketches) Finished sketches for Qwark's ship and the Courier ship that Ratchet and Clank acquire. The idea was that the Courier ship would be a slow, clunky, durable vehicle - kind of like a mail truck.

Qwark's ship on the other hand was designed as a luxury craft - not too fast either but stylish and comfortable.
20 (blarg fighter sketch) This is the original sketch for the Blarg Fighter that Ratchet and Clank pick up on Gemlik Base. We were going for sleek but deadly...
21 (blarg helicopter sketches) Many of the enemies in the game pilot vehicles. This one turned into a helicopter piloted by a Blarg Commander in Metropolis. He's a nasty one.
22 (Grind Boots, Mine Glove and Defense Drone Glove sketches) The Grindboots, Mine Glove and what originally was the Defense Drone Glove. We changed the way Defense Drones work midway through the project so we no longer needed that glove.
23 (Giant Clank sketch) Here's one of our concepts for Giant Clank. Unfortunately the huge shoulder-mounted guns didn't make it in because they just weren't practical. But we did manage to keep Ratchet on Clank's back.
24 (enemy design sketches) Some fun enemy designs. One made it into the game, four didn't. Can you pick the winner?
25 (Big Al sketches) The many faces of Big Al. This was the first NPC (non player character) we put into the game. He's probably what most people think game developers look like...
26 (OmniWrench sketches) One of the weapons that went through many iterations on paper was Ratchet's wrench. We didn't want something too generic plus it had to function as a tool and a weapon at the same time.

It's mistakenly called an 'axe' by many but the label is appropriate in some respects since you probably wouldn't want to get whacked with it.
27 (Visibomb Gun and Suck Cannon sketches) Designs for the Visibomb Gun (top) and the Suck Cannon (bottom). The Suck Cannon was one of the first weapons we designed and one of the few where the name stayed the same throughout the development process. It just had such a nice ring to it...
28 (Hydro-Pack, Glove of Doom and Bomb Glove sketches) The top two designs are final versions of the Hydro-Pack. The bottom sketches are the designs fro the Glove of Doom and Bomb Glove.

The Glove of Doom is an office favorite...
29 (Ratchet box cover concept sketch) Another early version of Ratchet. Notice the different proportions, lack of eyebrows and stripes. This was also an early box cover concept...
30 (box art sketch) This one should look familiar - the cover for the U.S. game box was derived from it. But more importantly, it was the first image of Ratchet unveiled to the world in March, 2002.


The Epilogue features many magazines and newspapers that reveal what happened to characters such as Skidd McMarx, Darla Gratch, and the Plumber. In order to unlock this feature, the player must collect all skill points in the game.

'Making Of' Video


Ratchet & Clank (2002) Behind the Scenes

This is a seven-minute video created by Insomniac Games that gives some insight into how the game was created, showing old footage of the game during development, and commentary by developers. In order to unlock the video, the player must purchase all ten gold weapons.


Shows commercials that were filmed for the marketing of the game in North America. In order to unlock the video, the player must purchase all ten gold weapons.

Name Description
Decoy Glove ad A 33 second commercial filmed based on the Decoy Glove.
Devastator ad A 33 second commercial filmed based on the Devastator.
Morph-o-Ray ad A 33 second commercial filmed based on the Morph-o-Ray.