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Ratchet & Clank: Issue 4: Thanks for the Armories is the fourth issue of the Ratchet & Clank comic series. It was released December 22, 2010.


Ratchet and Clank agreed to Artemis Zogg's terms of surrender in order to save Veldin. They teleported to Zogg's Warship, where his warbots confiscated Ratchet's OmniWrench Millennium 12. Artemis had the duo untied while he explained to them that he would not honor his side of the deal, and that Veldin would not be saved. Upon hearing this, Clank pulled out an explosive and threw it, the explosion allowing him and Ratchet to escape. The duo found the Surinox Shard while Sasha, Talwyn, and Solana's Galactic Rangers attacked the ship. Ratchet ordered Clank to boot up the geo-shift sphere in order to save Veldin, but Zogg destroyed the sphere with his Plasma Coil. As he was about to shoot Ratchet and Clank, Talwyn crashed her ship into his, causing enough chaos for Ratchet and Clank to escape with the Shard. Talwyn was captured as they entered the escape pod. The pod landed on an icy planet that was revealed to be Veldin.

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