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Ratchet & Clank: Issue 3: Lost and Spaced is the third issue of the Ratchet & Clank comic series. It was released November 17, 2010.


Ratchet & Clank are brought to the Apogee Space Station with Talwyn, Cronk and Zephyr. Talwyn debriefed Ratchet on the situation, telling him that she let the galactic government use her station as a government command post. Sasha Phyronix is then heard scolding Qwark for pleading ignorance while Artemis Zogg stole half the universe, which is reminiscent of his incompetence in previous titles in the series. Talwyn introduced Ratchet to Sasha, while Qwark plans to leave right away because of his troubled position. Just as Qwark was about to leave, Clank says that Zogg would like to know about the Helios Project. Qwark, nervous from hearing the word, said that he'd never heard anything about it, which is met with glares from Cronk, Talwyn, Ratchet, and Sasha. He finally admits that he indeed does know about the project and tells the story.

Sasha then told the Galactic Ranger Squadron Echo-Three-Bravo to ready the EMP pulse to be fired at Zogg's ship, while Ratchet talks to Talwyn who tells him that a search party was sent to search for Zogg after he seemingly ran off after his failed election. At the end of the conversation, Talwyn asks Ratchet how he knew Sasha, but it is unknown if he told her about it yet.

A Galactic Ranger from Squadron Echo-Three-Bravo about to fire the EMP

Ratchet, Talwyn and Qwark's disappointment after Zogg escaped to his galaxy

While Cronk, Zephyr and Clank took an oil bath, Sasha told the Galactic Rangers to fire the EMP. Qwark further recalled the events concerning the election. Returning to the present the EMP fails because Artemis Zogg's ship and planet Fastoon teleported in the knick of time before it could be used. Sasha informs Talwyn and Ratchet that he could have moved it anywhere in the universe and sadly walks away. Talwyn tells Ratchet that Sasha's father President Phyronix was on a goodwill trip to Polaris when communication was lost. The scene then changes to Mr. Phyronix being trapped on Zaurik with Artemis Zogg telling him why he was doing his scheme which he said was for the good of the galaxy.

Phyronix angrily replied that Zogg is not a president and is a dictator as cruel as Tachyon and more misguided then Dr. Nefarious. Artemis Zogg, ignoring this, offered him a position as his vice president, but he refused, and chose to continue to work in the Trillium mine. Zogg had a flashback of how his plan first began, with him leaving with his Helios device, while Sasha was practising at the shooting range with Talwyn, while Zogg made his demands over a microphone; he told everybody if they didn't give in, he'll turn off the artificial sunlight coming from his Helios device, thus wiping out all life on Veldin and destroying the planet itself. Zogg offers Ratchet and Clank a choice either turn themselves in to face his justice or have millions of lives killed on Veldin.

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