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Ratchet & Clank: Issue 2: Friends with Benefits is the second issue of the Ratchet & Clank comic series. It was released October 20, 2010.


Ratchet and Clank are introduced to Artemis Zogg and his assistant, Vorn Garblak. Artemis Zogg tells them that he admires them for defeating Nefarious, saving the universe several times, and respects the sacrifices they've made for the universe. However, he doesn't want them to interfere in his plans for the Artemis Galaxy. Vorn suggests that they should be thrown into the incinerator, but instead, Artemis Zogg chooses to lock them up in Vartax Detention Facility, but since he is a fan, he does give Ratchet his OmniWrench back. Before he leaves, he mentions Galactic President Qwark and the "Helios Project." Ratchet is mad about this, and vows to kill Qwark again for this.

The duo are dumped in Vartax Detention Vacility, greeted with a small cell (with a Courtney Gears poster). They plan on breaking out tonight, only to delay to three months. At the cafeteria, the duo are grabbing lunch, along with a Kerchu, and accidentally bump into General Glahm, an Agorian general. The general recognizes the duo from the Krell Canyon battle in A Crack in Time., and fights Ratchet. Warden Klink stops the fight, and punishes the duo by executing them by the airlock. During the walk there, Glahm reveals to Ratchet that the fight was a ruse in order to escape, and they discuss it while they walk. Meanwhile, back in the cell, Clank, along with a Space Pirate, manage to steal the key from one of the guards and break out. Back in the airlock, Ratchet and Glahm are about to be shot, when Glahm's back-up, Cronk and Zephyr, come to the rescue. Glahm is pretty smart and articulate for an Agorian.

A big gunfight starts as the heroes shoot guard after guard, while Ratchet reaches to Clank. The Space Pirate riles up the other prisoners to fight the guards and allow for the escape. A rather interesting conversation occurs between Klink and Cronk and Zephyr, which suggests something big happened in Polaris in the two years Ratchet and Clank were missing, with the Warden referring to the robots as "traitors", and they knowing about him and Vorn. The heroes escape in Talwyn's ship, but Glahm stays behind in order to protect them. The heroes leave, not without leaving an explosion behind, and are headed to see Talwyn. Meanwhile, a frustrated Zogg punishes Klink by ejecting him into space and instead of sending more warbots, he wants to lure the heroes to him, all while looking at Veldin.

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