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Ratchet & Clank: Bang Bang Bang! Critical Danger of the Galaxy Legend (Japanese: ラチェット&(アンド)クランク / ガガガ! 銀河のがけっぷち伝説, Ratchet & Clank - GaGaGa! Ginga no Gakeppuchi Densetsu) is a manga serialization spanning two volumes based on the Ratchet & Clank series. Volume 1 of the manga was released on November 28, 2005. Volume two of the manga was released in February, 2008.


Ratchet & Clank: GaGaGa! Legends Of The Galactic Duo!

  1. Calling On Ratchet!
  2. Born! Silver is the Strongest Combination!
  3. Clank! Inventor Genius!
  4. The Great Megapolis Marathon!
  5. Which is Real!? 2 Clanks
  6. Ratchet's Bad Luck!
  7. Clank, In Love!?
  8. Qwark's Crams for the Exam!
  9. Capture the Beetle!
  10. Wilderness Survival!!
  11. Clank's Diet Plan!
  12. Save the Protopet!

Ratchet & Clank 2: Gag galaxy exploding!

  1. Boiling water battle at the scorching hot springs!!
  2. War, Martial arts tournament!!
  3. Battle Ratchet Transformation?!
  4. Rare tactics and nonsense Baseball!!
  5. Serious contest in Ganryujima!!
  6. A Massive Mecha Kit?!
  7. Super puzzle! Mecha test!!
  8. New Year Cards! Delivery Panic!!
  9. Get rid of Fake Ratchet!
  10. Clank's teary homecoming
  11. Megalopolis Star Golf Tournament!!
  12. Strongest Mecha Supersale?!
  13. Looking for treasure everywhere!!
  14. The hot bond of two people!!
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