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The Rakar Star Cluster was a star cluster where Ratchet and Clank flew over a star, engaged space pirates, and faced Iron Crotch Caruso. The pirates had set up many Harvesters on the stars that were absorbing the heat from the surface, which could harm Ratchet if he strayed into the fire. It was the closest passageway to Rykan V, hence the fiery atmosphere of Rykan V. A black hole also lurked in the cluster, most likely a remnant of a dead star.

Inside the Star Cluster


The Rakar Star Cluster was rich with melted magma, which could be harvested for the creation of various metals. The entire area lay in Pirate Territory, and Space Pirates set up Harvesters on various stars to extract magma.

During Ratchet and Clanks trip through the cluster, they engaged more of Captain Slag's mighty Space Pirate fleets. Using Aphelion to their full advantage, they wasted not only Slag's fleet, but obliterated several Harvesters. Soon however, Iron Crotch Caruso (who had been under the churning magma before he noticed the situation) confronted Ratchet and Clank, and dueled them just above the surface of the sun. Nevertheless, he was soundly defeated and the duo continued their journey to Rykan V.

Behind the scenes

In the background while playing in the cluster, the Eagle Nebula is visible. [citation needed]

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