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This page is a list of all nine RYNO holocard locations in Ratchet & Clank. Nine holocards for the RYNO are hidden throughout locations, containing a holocard of one of the previous RYNOs (or similar lategame weapons) seen throughout the series. When each are obtained, they can be given to the Shady Salesman in Blackwater City, Rilgar, in "Bring all RYNO holocards to dealer", and he will then construct the RYNO.


The first holocard containing the first R.Y.N.O., is obtained in Blackwater City, Rilgar, immediately after meeting the Shady Salesman in the mission "Search the sewers". The Salesman will grant Ratchet and Clank the Trespasser, and using it on a nearby Invinco-Lock will open a forcefield to obtain a holocard.


The RYNO II holocard is obtained in Blackwater City, Rilgar, as a hoverboard race reward for "Win the Gold Cup". After "Win the hoverboard race", beating the Silver and Gold Cup will reward the player with the RYNO II card.


The Zodiac holocard is obtained in Aleero City, Kerwan, obtainable in Downtown Aleero City. To the right of the first vendor, it is found behind an orange forcefield, unlocked by using the Trespasser. Downtown Aleero City can be reached by taking the taxi from where the ship lands in Hall of Heroes.


The RY3NO holocard is obtained in the Blarg Tactical Research Station, Nebula G34, on the route for the mission "Find the top secret Blarg research project" (towards the blargian snagglebeast). Along the hallways, a locked door with an Invinco-Lock can be seen straight ahead whereas the main path is through a doorway on the left. Use the Trespasser to open the door, leading to a room full of crates, and obtain the RY3NO holocard here.


The Harbinger holocard is obtained in the Blarg Research Outpost, Gaspar, found in the north-eastern area of the Telepathopus Fields. From the location of the Brain Scientist, take the XK-81 Jetpack along the islands to his right, eventually reaching the tallest island with a metal structure, on which two sandshark nests and a refueling station are found. On the other side of the structure, a platform with the card is found.


The RYNO IV holocard is found in Fort Krontos, Batalia, near the vendor closest to the ship along the path for "Travel to the Fort". The building furthest along on the left contains an Invinco-Lock for the Trespasser between a jump slot. Use the Trespasser to open it, to find a vault containing crates and the holocard inside.


The RYNO V holocard is found in Skorg City, Quartu, in the warbot factory's assembly line room with the Jetpack. From where the vendor is found on the ground floor, follow the main route (seen in "Investigate the factory") until a turret is reached; behind it to the right, a large, metal, reinforced door can be seen. The turret can destroy this door, and the holocard is found inside.

RYNO VI Protosuit

The RYNO VI Protosuit holocard is obtained in the Gadgetron Headquarters, Kalebo III, as a hoverboard race reward for "Win the Gold Cup". After "Win the hoverboard race", beating the Silver and Gold Cup will reward the player with the RYNO VI Protosuit card.


The RYNO VII holocard is the final holocard, located in the Deplanetizer on the second visit, along the route for "Head to the Core" shortly before the boss fight sequence. At the end of the room, after defeating two blarg bombthrowers on an elevated platform, a door to the right will open, revealing a vendor, two warbots, and a teleporter back to the ship. Head up to the platform, climbed with two stacked boxes, and the holocard is collected at the top.

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