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According to our intel, Dr. Croid invented these RYNO protosuits in order to save magnus from Nevo Binklemeyer.

GrummelNet Preview, All 4 One

The RYNO VI Protosuit is a robotic suit weapon manufactured by Dr. Frumpus Croid in All 4 One. It is the sixth entry in the RYNO series of weapons. The RYNO VI protosuit was made up of six different parts, rewarded by collecting 280 critters to unlock the final Croid lab in Uzo City. The R.Y.N.O. is assembled by completing the challenges Dr. Croid hid in his secret labs.

The RYNO VI Protosuit development was a secret project codenamed "The Last Resort" in the Tharpod war against Nevo Binklemeyer.


The color and the details of the suit change depending on the character using it. For example, Dr. Nefarious's is purple, lacks a headcover, has wings, and a front like his own body. Ratchet's is orange, has two cannons on the back, a lamp-like emblem and extra guns on the front. Qwark's has a black body with the Q-molecule and green limbs. Clank's protosuit looks similar to Giant Clank. It is the only weapon in the RYNO series that allows melee to be used while the weapon is active.


While the RYNO VI Protosuit shoots at a high rate of fire, it only carries 12 ammo. When used with partners, it is extremely powerful, with Cronk and Zephyr even stating that they don't even know what will happen. In their overload state, the suits spin around and combine, obliterating all enemies on screen including bosses (with the exception of Mr. Dinkles as the Grivelnox).