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The RYNO VII is a weapon invented by the Plumber in Into the Nexus. It is the seventh iteration of the R.Y.N.O., and was split by the Plumber into nine pieces to prevent it falling into the wrong hands. It is obtained by collecting nine holo-plans that can be found hidden in various locations and presenting them to the Plumber. The RYNO VII functions similarly to the RYNO V. Whilst firing, it plays "Night on Bald Mountain", a compostion by the classical composer Modest Mussorgsky.

The RYNO VII is the most powerful weapon in the game. It can be upgraded to the RYNO VII Xtreme at V3 with use. The Omega RYNO VII Xtreme can then be purchased for 1,000,000 bolts and one gold bolt in challenge mode.


A RYNO VII Holoplan

The RYNO VII is a large, dark grey weapon with purple highlights. It features several barrels which fire bullets in rapid-fire. It plays "Night on Bald Mountain" looped when firing at enemies.

The Omega RYNO VII is a completely gold versions of the RYNO VII.


The RYNO VII has 1000 rounds of ammo at V1, though it consumes ammo quickly. As it is easy to miss enemies, the player will need to conserve ammo, or make use of the Nightmare Box against moving targets to prevent them from evading it. Aside from this, there is little strategy involved in using the RYNO VII, as it is powerful enough to defeat most enemies quickly and is useful against almost any target.