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The RYNO is a weapon featured in both Size Matters and Secret Agent Clank. In the former it is incredibly expensive at 9,999,000 bolts, and only available to be purchased at a vendor in challenge mode. In the latter it could be bought by Clank, for only 2,000,000 bolts, again only in challenge mode. It is delivered to Ratchet as the 'Pineapple Upside Down RYNO cake', and estimated by the Prison warden to weigh thirty pounds while being delivered in cake form. Both games' weapons could be upgraded to the RYNOCERATOR with use.


The RYNO in Size Matters and Secret Agent Clank was not overly large, with a narrower muzzle with only six missiles, and a metallic frame with a red and white color scheme. It utilizes multiple fast-launch swarmer missile warheads, with one full salvo delivering the same area-denial firepower as an entire regiment of indirect-fire artillery batteries.[1] Its upgraded version was somewhat larger, with a more rounded muzzle that sported seven missiles. The RYNOCERATOR also packs an extra anti-matter bomb into the warhead of each missile.


Ratchet using the RYNO from Size Matters.

In Size Matters and Secret Agent Clank, the weapon fires a largely uncontrolled blast of six missiles. Due to the lack of control it functions more like a shotgun, with three or four missiles generally always hitting enemies to the front, and the remainder either targeting those off to the side or missing entirely. Due to this it is more effective against large groups or up close, although its sheer damage output remains unrivaled either way. The RYNOCERATOR functions largely the same, with a much higher damage output, firing seven missiles, that travel faster as well. The RYNO is also one of the few weapons that does not have ammo available in ammo crates.