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The R.Y.N.O. (an abbreviation for Rip Ya A New One)[2] is the first weapon in the RYNO series, a series of extremely powerful missile launcher weapons. It was developed by Gadgetron Corporation,[1] and only appears in Ratchet & Clank. The R.Y.N.O. is an extremely powerful and rare missile launcher that can fire up to nine per launch, each of which target specific enemies.

Purchase of the weapon in the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions of Ratchet & Clank will unlock the silver trophy Ultimate Animal.



The R.Y.N.O. was originally created by Gadgetron, as the ultimate in tactical offensive weaponry, but was deemed too dangerous for civilian use, and thus was only sold on black market vendors and never became available in a vendor.[1] At the time of creation, it was the most powerful missile launcher in the galaxy.[2]

Ratchet & Clank

Trophy: Ultimate Animal
Purchase the R.Y.N.O. Silver

In Ratchet & Clank, the R.Y.N.O. is sold by the black market Shady Salesman in Blackwater City on Rilgar for 150,000 bolts. Ratchet and Clank meet the salesman on the way to the Hoverboard games, who calls them over offering to sell the weapon. Clank suggests that the salesman stole the weapon from the blarg, who responds very defensively,[2] suggesting that Clank's suspicions were true. At the time the weapon is sold, the player is very unlikely to earn 150,000 bolts, or even to earn that many in their first play-through, meaning a purchase on a second or third play-through in challenge mode is far more likely.

The weapon, according to Clank, was the strongest missile launcher in the Solana Galaxy during the events of the game.[2] This may suggest that later iterations of the R.Y.N.O. were yet to be developed or released. Though the RYNO II in Going Commando is a more powerful launcher, sold at a vendor that is implied to have operated for years, this weapon featured in the Bogon and not Solana, suggesting that the R.Y.N.O. could still have been the most powerful weapon in Solana.

Its creation was part of the reason for Vox Industries to create a competitor known as the The Harbinger in Deadlocked.[3]


Ammo in Ratchet & Clank (2002).

The R.Y.N.O. is mostly dark blue, with a block shape. Its square muzzle on the front end is composed of nine different muzzles for nine missiles each, with two wires attached to its larger body. It has a magazine on the bottom side, which has a handlebar attached to it. Other than the blue color, any protruding parts are largely black and gray, it also has yellow-and-black stripes above the trigger on the main part.


Ratchet using the RYNO against Chairman Drek

The R.Y.N.O. targets multiple enemies in front of Ratchet, and once it fires, a missile hits each. The missiles each do major amounts of damage, meaning they are likely to destroy most targeted enemies, regardless of their size. Once acquired, the player often has no real need to use any other weapon, unless they have run out of ammunition. This is because the R.Y.N.O. is so powerful and so versatile, and its ammunition cheaper than other less powerful weapons, that there is no need to ever use another weapon against any boss or group of enemies.

The player may wish to conserve ammunition and use weaker weapons against larger groups of weaker enemies, but otherwise, the R.Y.N.O. is useful in all cases. The only drawback to the weapon is that it is often acquired by the player at a point when they have finished much of the content of the game, and do not need the R.Y.N.O. to overcome any new challenge.

Behind the scenes

The R.Y.N.O. held only 10 rounds of max ammo in early versions of the game. The amount was increased to 50 rounds in the release.[4]

In other translations of the game, the R.Y.N.O. is given a different acronym with a different meaning. For instance, in the Spanish translation, the acronym is T.A.U.N., meaning "Te Abro Una Nueva" (I Open You a New One); in French, the acronym is T.E.L.T., meaning "T'Éclater La Tronche" (Destroy Your Face in French); while in Italian, the acronym is M.I.P.S., meaning "Muori In Pochi Secondi" (Die In a Few Seconds in Italian). Many of these acronyms were kept in all subsequent games (with some exceptions, as the Italian translation was not kept).