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No official name has been given to this subject in any licensed Ratchet & Clank media; as such, a descriptive name was chosen.

The Qwark administration was the galactic presidential administration that briefly ran the galactic government of the Polaris Galaxy. It was run by galactic president Copernicus Leslie Qwark, as well as vice president Skrunch. While Qwark had won in a landslide victory against former defense minister Artemis Zogg in part for his (very minor) role in defeating Dr. Nefarious; however, the public mood of him began to sour after several events.

The Qwark administration first got a lot of flack following the disappearance of planets Sargasso and Cobalia, and many on planet Terachnos began growing furious had Qwark's failure to stop the disappearance of worlds. Criticism of the Qwark's inaction dropped greatly several days later, on the account that Terachnos eventually disappeared itself.

Even after the problem had been fixed and all the planets returned to their original location, Qwark remained unpopular. These were the results because of crushing debt, an expensive presidential retreat forged with Raritanium and the release of seven massive and destructive beasts upon a major city (though to be fair, Qwark did not release the seventh beast, a Light-Eating Z'Grute, as it had been actually released by Lawrence under order of Dr. Nefarious). Qwark was the victim of so many attempts at his life, that GrummelNet responded by creating the Quantum Deflector in order to better Qwark's chances of survival (and make some bolts on the side).

Qwark soon became unpopular enough that he lost the next election, despite gaining a few thousand Tharpod voters following the genuine role he played on planet Magnus.

Notable "achievements"

  • Directed the Polaris Defense Force to hunt down fugitives Dr. Nefarious and Lawrence when it became apparent that the former had survived the destruction of Nefarious Space Station. Qwark assured citizens that Nefarious would no longer pose a threat, which later turned out to be untrue following Nefarious' attack on Luminopolis with an awaken Light-Eating Z'Grute.
  • Initiated the failed Friendship Through Firepower Initiative, designed to train citizens how to operate a gun before they were given licenses.
  • Had scientists of the Hall of Knowledge build a Weather Grid into the Defense Network for the Planetary Defense Centers across the Polaris Galaxy, for the expressed purpose of making any planet sunny and warm for his presidential visits. Stuart Zurgo would later use the Access Key for the Weather Grid to throw the galaxy into total chaos, such as planet Ebaro.

Un-achieved goals

  • Qwark originally had plans to transform Magnus' Octonok Cay into a "presidential retreat/water park," a goal that never fell through.