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The Qwack-O-Ray is a weapon manufactured by Gadgetron in Up Your Arsenal. It is a weapon that fires a beam which morphs enemies into ducks. The Qwack-O-Ray could be obtained upon reaching Aridia for 200,000 bolts from any Gadgetron vendor. It could then be upgraded to the Qwack-O-Blitzer with use, which can upgrade to the Mega Qwack-O-Blitzer for 300,000 bolts in challenge mode.

One of the Galactic Rangers defeated a horde of robotic pirate ghosts with a Qwack-O-Ray and a half-charged Crotchitizer during the Battle of Hamachi Flats.[1]

Prior to the Qwack-O-Ray, the similar Morph-o-Ray which transformed enemies into chickens, and Sheepinator which transformed enemies into sheep, had been used. Neither of these weapons could be purchased from a vendor, however. While the Qwack-O-Ray does not appear in multiplayer, the Morph-o-Ray can morph enemies into ducks instead.


The Qwack-O-Ray is a light blue, yellow, and grey pistol, with a single blue canister on the top, and a large nozzle. The Qwack-O-Blitzer is a larger carbine with a left-hand grip, many glowing blue canisters, and a larger nozzle. The ducks it morphs enemies into are standard yellow ducks at first, though the deadlier ducks become darker orange in color, and grow teeth as well.


Ratchet using the Qwack-O-Ray.

The Qwack-O-Ray fills up a bar in the HUD which, once full, transforms the enemy into a duck. It fills faster the less health the enemy has, and does not work on bosses. As the weapon can never run out of ammo, it is extremely useful in both the Aquatos sewers and in Annihilation Nation challenges. Although it is quite powerful, its limited short-to-medium range and requirement to maintain the ray constantly without being hit makes it less useful against the strongest enemies, and in larger encounters.

The Qwack-O-Blitzer in action.

The Qwack-O-Ray becomes more useful in other situations once fully upgraded. At V2, the ducks lay explosive eggs, which automatically roll towards enemies at V3. At V4, the ducks will attack enemies. At V5, as the Qwack-O-Blitzer, one duck will always transform into a phoenix that flys alongside Ratchet, and will crash into enemies on its own. The phoenix will vanish once it has dealt enough damage, but if not, will return to Ratchet until it has. Once gone, transforming a new enemy instantly creates another phoenix.

The weapon takes time for it to reach its most useful version, the Qwack-O-Blitzer, which does not address its main shortcomings. Though useful in the Aquatos sewers and Annihilation Nation, in later levels of the game and in challenge mode, it works best only on the smallest of enemies and at close-to-short range. However, it remains useful when morphing smaller enemies to then attack the larger enemies and provide backup.