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Quodrona was a volcanic planet with an apparently abandoned city remains. It was here Otto Destruct had his base for operations. The planet is seen in the Technomite Map Room on planet Ryllus, proving that it is, or was sometime, inhabited by Technomites. Emperor Otto had his Ratchet Clone Factory built on this planet underground, where most lava caves of the planets were. He had a training camp for the Ratchet Clones located here as well. Ratchet also could buy the Laser Tracer here.


Quodrona Factory

The Clone Factory on planet Quodrona

  • The appearance of the planet itself looks just like Gaspar, except it's turned the other way.
  • The Planet is volcanic, just like the planet Mustafar in Star Wars, and just like Quodrona, in a Star Wars Battlefront Video Game it had a cloning facility.

Characters on Quodrona




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