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Quodrona is a location in the Solana Galaxy featured in Size Matters. It is a volcanic planet with abandoned city remains, populated by the technomites. Otto Destruct used the planet as his base of operations, based in the Clone Factory on the planet.

Ratchet and Clank arrived on Quodrona to stop Otto Destruct's factory from producing an army of Ratchet clones. In doing so, they fought through an army of clones protecting it, before finally confronting and defeating Otto Destruct.


Quodrona was populated by the technomites at least at the time they existed on Ryllus.[a] It was used by their leader, Otto Destruct, as a base of operations. Otto Destruct developed a machine capable of transferring the intelligence from one life form to another, with the goal of making himself the most intelligent being in the universe.[1] Around the same time, Otto Destruct put forth a plan in motion to kidnap Ratchet and extract his DNA, reasoning that even the technomites' greatest robotic soldiers and own forces were no match for Ratchet.[2]

In "Find Otto Destruct", Ratchet and Clank arrived on the planet, finding nothing, until Clank spotted a hovercar. Ratchet suggested simply stomping around until he crushed the factory, though Clank believed it would be too difficult to find. Ratchet accepted this and then shrunk down to use the hovercar, believing Destruct would pose little threat.[3] Inside the factory, the two fought through an army of Ratchet clones until they found Otto Destruct, commencing "Defeat Otto Destruct". Here, Destruct explained his plan to Ratchet and Clank and then fought them using a Shrink Ray of his own. Captain Qwark, who had been deceived to believe that Destruct was his father, initially attacked Ratchet and Clank, before Destruct shrunk him down after enlarging himself. Clank then transformed into Giant Clank to compete with Destruct, though he accidentally shrunk himself when aiming to remove Qwark. Ratchet and Clank chased him down and fought him in front of his machine, until his defeat.

Skrunch then arrived and showed Qwark evidence of his real parents, who had been killed by defective technomite technology. Qwark then blamed Destruct for his parents deaths, and wished to use Destruct's machine to replace his intelligence with Destruct's. Following an accident, Destruct instead had his intelligence switched with Skrunch, effectively defeating him, allowing Ratchet to return to a massage scheduled an hour later.[4] The Ratchet clones produced on the factory were later marketed as products known as "Battle Ratchet"s to the galaxy.[5]


Map layout of the Clone Factory.


Quodrona is a hot lava-covered planet. on its surface is a futuristic cityscape, where the Clone Factory is hidden within. The cityscape comprises streets and large structures with a neon light trim, located between large walls. Most structures are either small black towers, larger cone-shaped buildings, as well as a few large domes. It is unclear who the occupants are, given that the planet is populated by technomites who are much too small to use the buildings, though there is also no evidence of actual life within the city.

Clone Factory

The Clone Factory is located behind a wall within the cityscape, with a tiny gap within the wall that the hovercar can pass through to allow entry. It is a fortress located in the middle of a pit of molten lava contained within a huge dome, surrounded by apparently artificial volcanoes. A bridge leads from the hovercar's landing point to the factory entrance itself.

The Clone Factory's interior, in contrast to the lava pits outside, is brighter and well-lit by blue lights. The entrance lobby leads to a room with its walls covered in screens and computer terminals. Past this is where the clones are grown in large green capsules. Between these rooms and the next is a large pit of lava. Training room also exists further in, one with blue walls, and one with black and red walls, both containing dummy targets resembling Ratchet. Further inside still is a larger chamber containing many crates, containing Ratchet clones, as well as conveyor belts moving crates around, indicating the facility also handled shipping.

Otto Destruct has a laboratory located in one of the large dome structures in the city. This contains his device used for transferring intelligence, as well as several large brains in green tubes, around a round platform in the center of the room.



  1. Quodrona appears on the map in Ryllus' temple, which itself appears to have been abandoned for years, suggesting Quodrona has been inhabited by technomites for a long time


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