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The Quantum Deflector is Qwark's special weapon manufactured by GrummelNet in All 4 One. The weapon was developed as a response to several failed attempts on President Qwark's life.

The Quantum Deflector is first available at Aldaros Plains for 10,000 bolts. The elite version can be purchased for 30,000 bolts.


Quantum Deflector concept art

The Quantum Reflector generates a protective green shield around Qwark, which deflects attacks back to foes. Qwark nicknamed the deflector as "his giant ball of power." The shield prevents use of any other weapons. Once it absorbs a certain amount of shots, the shield wears off. The elite upgrade causes the shield to become larger and stronger. The antenna on the Quantum Reflector is similar to the one Qwark has on his costume.

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