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Quantos was a Fongoid-inhabited, jungle-like planet, located on the edges of not just the Phylax Sector, but the Breegus System as well.[1] Zolar Forest was located here. The planet was voted "The Best Kept Secret" in the Polaris Galaxy by the Polaris Board of Interstellar Travel. Here, Ratchet could find three Zoni, four gold bolts and one Constructo Mod.

Ratchet and Qwark's crash landing

Ratchet and Qwark crash-landed on Quantos when Aphelion was damaged by an unknown force. The planet had several time anomalies, such as objects stopped in mid air, or were advancing in time then reversing repeatedly. Later, Ratchet and Qwark, met a Fongoid mother named Enessa, who they helped to rescue her children that were trapped by zyphoids during an attack to the village.

After that, Ratchet and Qwark went to the Fongoid Village, where he learned a secret about the Zoni, so that he could enter their temple and gather his first three Zoni in a Zoni Vessel. After exiting the temple Ratchet found the village under attack, and was confronted by Lord Vorselon. Believing Ratchet to be a local rebel named Azimuth, Vorselon captured Qwark. Ratchet defeated Lord Vorselon's army to save the Fongoid village, although the fongoids had been captured and imprisoned along with Qwark on Vorselon's Warship.

Ratchet entering the Zoni Temple

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Quantos (with hurricane) as seen on the Great Clock

  • Quantos was voted "The Best Kept Secret" by the Polaris Board of Interstellar Travel, due to its unspoiled jungles, friendly natives and freshwater fjords.
  • The Agorian Battleplex offers prizes to lucky arena fans, which include an all expense paid trip to planet Quantos for a Fongoid safaria.
  • While fixing the time anomalies, one can see a giant hurricane near the South Pole on the model of Planet Quantos.
  • The planet had some time anomalies, but after Clank fixed them at the Great Clock, the anomalies disappeared, and some places could no longer be accessed.
  • Dr. Nefarious's asteroid landed on a Fongoid village, the same race that inhabit Quantos.
  • Quantos was the place where Ratchet first met Lord Vorselon, but he didn't fight him.


After the Great Time Disaster,  the fongoids left their home planet of Torren IV. Some of them settled on the jungle world of Quantos, away from any technology.


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