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This Kerchu-engineered flamethrower offers your enemies two choices: regular or extra crispy!

GrummelNet weapon description, ToD

The Pyro Blaster is a Kerchu engineered weapon manufactured by Grummel Net Industries in Tools of Destruction, All 4 One and Full Frontal Assault. It is a flamethrower which blasts a stream of fire in front of it, that deals damage over a spread area and over time.

In Tools of Destruction, it can be upgraded to the Incinerator with use, which fires twin intertwining streams of plasma.


Tools of Destruction

The Pyro Blaster on WeaponMART TV

The Pyro Blaster was available to Ratchet for 100,000 bolts upon reaching the Kreeli Comet. It could be upgraded with raritanium, with its special raritanium upgrade being the Superheated Fuel Injector, that injected an extra stream of fuel at the nozzle of the weapon and increased the width of its fire stream. With use, it could be upgraded to the Incinerator. In challenge mode, the Omega Incinerator upgrade could be purchased from any GrummelNet vendor for 4,500,000 bolts.

All 4 One

The Pyro Blaster was available upon reaching Magnus. It could be given an ammo upgrade for 5,000 bolts, a power upgrade for 10,000 bolts, and an elite upgrade for 30,000 bolts.

The Elite Pyro Blaster is the upgraded version of the Pyro Blaster. Any enemy it burned would catch fire.

Full Frontal Assault

The Pyro Turret

The Pyro Blaster was available as a weapon to collect at weapon pods and as a turret. As the Pyro Blaster, it functioned as a standard flamethrower, and could be upgraded to the Alpha Pyro Blaster at V3 with use. As the Pyro Turret, could be deployed to defend bases. It had the smallest range of the turrets, but dealt better damage than most turrets.


In Tools of Destruction, the Pyro Blaster is a yellow and black weapon with a long nozzle. The Incinerator upgrade is a bulkier, orange weapon with two shorter nozzles, and two visible green fuel cells on its side.

In All 4 One and Full Frontaul Assault, the muzzle of the weapon was significantly larger, and the rusty color scheme was changed to a more colorful style.


The Pyro Blaster is a standard flamethrower which fires a wide stream in front of it. It is a close-to-medium range weapon that deals high damage spread out over time. Its damage at the time it is purchased is much higher than any weapon Ratchet could have obtained until then, but its limited range makes it less useful against flying targets or targets that are a good distance from Ratchet. It is therefore best used against mobs of small enemies in close range, or against slower targets. The Pyro Blaster is outclassed as a weapon against larger enemies by weapons that deal greater damage later on in the game (and often ones which are less limited in range), but remains useful against mobs.

In Tools of Destruction, the weapon can be upgraded in a variety of ways. Raritanium upgrades for the weapon include more ammo, longer range, more damage and more raritanium. As longer range addresses the more immediate shortcoming of the weapon, the player may choose to prioritize this upgrade, though playing to its strengths by increasing its ammo and damage may also prove more effective. The Superheated Fuel Injector special raritanium upgrade makes its fire stream much wider. This further increases its effectiveness against mobs of smaller enemies, though it does not make it a more versatile weapon. With use, the Pyro Blaster can be upgraded to the Incinerator, which is a powerful weapon dealing heavy damage but still limited by its range. A useful tactic is to pair it with the Mag-Net Launcher to kill large targets very quickly, as targets that are stuck in a trap are easy to target with the weapon as they cannot evade it.

Behind the scenes

The Pyro Blaster appears in 8-bit Mini Mayhem.

Brax briefly uses the weapon in the film when fending off a group of evil Zurkons. In the re-imagined game the Pyrocitor uses the model of the Pyro Blaster albeit colored orange.