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Puffoids,[1] also known as puffer fish,[2] are enemies in Ratchet & Clank, the 2016 re-imagined game, and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. They are mutated fish with both gills and lungs, able to survive both on land and sea, living in the waters of planet Pokitaru and became hostile to visitors of the Jowai Resort.


Ratchet & Clank (2002)

In the original release, puffoids became hostile after blarg waste disposal tankers dumped toxic waste into Pokitaru's waters, scaring away visitors.[3] In "Help the resort owner", Ratchet and Clank then had to defeat many of them on land alongside psy-tcopuses, and many which attacked the boat, while the Resort Owner showed them to the jet fighter to destroy the waste disposal tankers.

Ratchet & Clank (2016)

In the 2016 re-imagined release, puffoids were found swimming in the waters of Novalis and Pokitaru, where they were docile. On land on Pokitaru, they were hostile, after being driven to land by the blarg hydroharvesters draining the waters. In "Find the technician", Ratchet and Clank fought many puffoids along with telepathopuses, while escorting Felton Razz to find Al in the resort.

Rift Apart

In Rift Apart the standard water lurking breed of puffoids are encountered at the Space Pirate base on planet Ardolis, in damp caves and on the beaches.

Lava puffoids

A variant of them called "Lava Puffoids" are first encountered on Blizar Prime and as their name suggests are able to swim in molten lava, they however behave and function the same as their water dwelling relatives, being swarmer type enemies that will die in 1 hit. Rivet comments that the Lava puffoids are kind of cute, when they're not trying to gnaw your ankles, to which Clank adds, "which is never".


Concept art for the re-imagined release.

Puffoids are round, orange fish with large spikes, glowing eyes, and comparatively small fins. In the original release, their eyes are white and their fins are orange, though, in the re-imagined release, their eyes and fins are instead. Puffoids will move around in groups, hopping across the land bit by bit until they reach a target, which they will then hit with spikes. They are also capable of latching onto boats.


Ratchet using the Decoy Glove against a group of puffoids.

In the original release, puffoids are a great threat, due to being very resilient, traveling surprisingly long distances with their hops, and attacking in large numbers. They will also attack Ratchet on the boat. Unlike most small enemies, they take two OmniWrench hits to be destroyed, making them much stronger than anticipated, and rendering the wrench ineffective against them. Instead, a good strategy is to use the Suck Cannon to vacuum five in, and fire them out until it is empty, and then vacuum more in. If possible, fire them out at other puffoids, or even at the psy-tcopuses nearby. Alternatively, the Pyrocitor can be effective against them.

In the re-imagined release, puffoids are still resilient and deadly in numbers, but they are easier to deal with. The Proton Drum is particularly effective against them, as it can knock them back while dealing damage when used on land, and can be fired on the boat to create a drum that will kill any puffoids that latch onto the boat. Additionally, Mr. Zurkon can be used to defend against puffoids that come close, while other weapons such as the Pyrocitor or Combuster can also be effective against their numbers.