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Proteus VII, also known as Proteus Seven was a planet. It was the home planet of the Death Weasels.


Proteus VII at some in time was colonized by GrummelNet, who set up the GrummelNet Plasma Harvester to harvest lava for the GrummelNet Plasma Park and Torture Dungeon, a strange amusement owned by GrummelNet. The planet was also later connected to the Defense Network, which used[Planetary Defense Center to defend worlds across the Polaris Galaxy.

At a much later date, Stuart Zurgo hacked Proteus VII's Planetary Defense Center, making the Proteus VII the third planet in this sector to be invaded by Grungarian Marauders. Soon the entire GrummelNet Plasma Harvester was swarming with Grungarian mercenaries, and they prepared for the arrival of the Q-Force.

Confident they could defeat the Grungarian scum, Ratchet, Clank and Qwark, led an assault on the Grungarian horde, using the QForce Base as staging point for assault. They eventually were able to activate all the key nodes in the harvester, and then begin the reactivation process the planet's defense center. They then successfully defended their QForce Base as Grungarians moved in on them, allowing the planet's defense center to be reactivated so that it could drive off the remaining Grungarians. The Q-Force then returned to the Starship Phoenix II, confident they ended the threat posed by Stuart Zurgo. Unknown to the Q-Force, they had actually aided him by reactivating the defense center, allowing Zurgo to upload a worm that would grant him complete control of the Defense Network's Galactic Weather Grid.


  • Death Weasel



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