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Planet Galaticca, which later became the Prison Planet was a planet used by the Galactic Authorities as the Solana Galaxy's intergalactic prison. It was protected by a shield generator and it held criminals from other galaxies, such as the Bogon Galaxy, as well as the Solana Galaxy. The prison was run by a corrupt robotic warden at the time of Ratchet's sentence there (despite the fact that he was technically innocent of the "crimes" he committed, as a mysterious criminal mastermind mind-controlled him into doing those "crimes"). Prison Guards often escorted the warden.

When Ratchet was sentenced to the planet, he had to survive various attacks in locations around the prison, as most of the inmates were put there by him and they had bribed the prison warden into letting them attack Ratchet. He survived by using his wrench and various weapons Clank smuggled in to the prison for him (which were cleverly disguised as cakes). Some of the imprisoned Ratchet faced included the Thugs, Tyhrranoids and Reapers. The Thug Leader was also in prison at the same time, causing more problems for Ratchet. In addition to having old enemies confront him, Ratchet also managed to anger his inmates more by breaking the showers while trying to help The Plumber fix the temperature of them. Thanks to Clank, Ratchet was later proved innocent and President Phyronix pardoned him.

Locations on the planet

Cell J7B

Ratchet and the Warden inside Cell J7B

Cell J7B was the prison cell in which Ratchet was kept after he was framed by Klunk and arrested for stealing the Eye of Infinity.

Max Security Cells

The Max-Security Cells or Cell Block A were where the prison's toughest criminals were kept. The Prison also had a Hunter Orb for use against tough prisoners.

Mess Hall

The Prison Mess Hall was were food was eaten.

Exercise Yard

The Prison Exercise Yard was where prisoners used to exercise. It was protected with Prison Cannons and Cannonball Cannons in order to stop prisoners from rioting.


The Prison Showers were where the criminals washed. It was meant to run with freezing cold water and there were skip-like containers full of towels in the room. Whenever somebody was attacked, they lost their towel until they got another one from the containers around the room.

Other locations


Solitary, or solitary confinement, was were prisoners who broke rules in prison were placed as a punishment.

Med ward

The med ward, or medical ward, was were inmates could receive medical treatment.

Notable Immates

Races and Robotic Prisoners


  • The cut-scene in the prison showers was the only time you could see Ratchet's hands.
  • Strangely, if you go to the PAUSE MENU, select SPECIAL, then skill points, if you look at the first two skill points for Prison Planet, instead of seeing Prison Planet as the location you will see Planet Galattica. This could have been the old name of the planet, and when finishing the game the developers could have been having trouble changing the name or they forgot to change the name to Prison Planet. In all the other skill points it is referred to as Prison planet. Planet Galattica might have even been the real name of the planet.
  • There is a cut challenge in the HIG Treehouse which include a shower level with a slipperey floor, similar to ice.