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President Phyronix, referred to often as the Galactic President, is a support character in Up Your Arsenal and the comic series, mentioned in other titles. He is the Galactic President of the Solana Galaxy, with command over the Galactic Rangers, a cazar, and the father of Sasha Phyronix, the captain of the Starship Phoenix (prior to becoming mayor of Metropolis).


Up Your Arsenal

When planet Veldin was under attack by Tyhrranoids fighting under Nefarious, President Phyronix sent the Galactic Rangers to combat them, although it was a losing battle. When Ratchet and Clank warped to Solana from the Bogon Galaxy and fought back against the attack, President Phyronix congratulated them both through a message, in which he mistook Clank for Secret Agent Clank from the holovision series, and Ratchet for Jeeves, Clank's butler in the series. He then enlisted them both to search Florana for the one hero who had fought Nefarious and won, which they would learn was Qwark in hiding.

The President's palace on planet Marcadia later came under a direct attack from the Tyhrranoids. Phyronix therefore called his daughter Sasha aboard the Starship Phoenix for help, who sent Ratchet and Clank for help, and for big Al to fix the Planetary Defense Center. After successfully defending Marcadia, Ratchet and Clank met the president in person, who congratulated them.

Qwark regained his memory, and formed the Q-Force to work alongside the Galactic Rangers, which Phyronix appointed Qwark as the leader of. From this point on the President, was less directly involved, though he gave his condolences when Qwark was believed to be dead after staying about Nefarious' self destructing cruiser, the Leviathan.

Following the Biobliterator attack, the President accepted an interview, in which he claimed that robots would "make up 100% of the galaxy's population" and that it was good news for his re-election campaign as he was half robot himself, revealing the left side of his head to be cybernetic. Despite this, after the war was over when the President appeared for the premiere of the latest Secret Agent Clank movie, his body was fully organic.

Between Up Your Arsenal and comic appearances

Phyronix was relatively quiet after the war with Nefarious was over, though he was mentioned in a few other titles. Vox News alleged that he had been involved with an amoeboid mafia scandal and installed his daughter as mayor of Metropolis to cover for the scandal.[1] He was briefly mentioned during Deadlocked, but did not appear or intervene. In Size Matters, Phyronix awarded Ratchet and Clank medals for defeating Otto Destruct. After Clank's covert rescue and deframing of Ratchet, Phyronix was debriefed by Ms. Cute Anastasia Bot (after Secret Agent Clank).

Comic series

President Phyronix

Artemis Zogg confronts President Phyronix

Phyronix appears in Issue 3: Lost and Spaced. In Artemis Zogg's attempt to create his own Artemis Galaxy, President Phyronix went on a goodwill trip to the Polaris Galaxy, but lost communication with his daughter, Sasha. He was then kidnapped by Artemis Zogg and forced to work on planet Zaurik as a Trillium miner.

After geo-swifting the planet away from Polaris and into the Artemis Galaxy, Zogg arrived before the President, who tried to convince Artemis that he could not simply impose his leadership, which Artemis denied, believing it was for the good of the universe. President Phyronix claimed that Zogg was acting as a dictator, comparing him to Tachyon's cruelty and accusing him of being more misguided than Nefarious.

Zogg offered President Phyronix the position of Zogg's personal vice president, which he refused, opting to stay in the trillium mines. Before Zogg left, Phyronix asked him what had happened to him, to which he simply answered that he had "wised up" and suggested that Phyronix do the same.

Following Zogg's defeat, President Phyronix was reunited with Sasha.



President Phyronix is a large male cazar with dark brown fur and blue eyes. He typically wears a dark blue suit with golden highlights.


Phyronix has been characterised at times as placing his political career and personal electability ahead of salient issues, when he appears to be fighting a losing battle. In spite of this, he is also shown to be a passionate leader who cares deeply for his daughter, and at other times uncompromising in his noble beliefs, as well as providing positive upbeat encouragement to his allies when needed.

Phyronix believed Secret Agent Clank was real, and acted as crazed autograph hound.[2]

Behind the scenes

President Phyronix was voiced by Lindsay Schnebly.

President Phyronix was inspired by Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, sharing similar voices.[3] His comment about his electoral chances following the Biobliterator attack, in which he claimed to be "half robot myself", was a direct reference to Bill Clinton's triangulation and efforts to appease everyone for the purpose of electability.[4]

President Phyronix (re-imagined)

President Phyronix reimagined. (film)

While President Phyronix did not appear in the original Ratchet & Clank, his image is shown in a news report in the 2016 reimagined movie and is mentioned several times in both the film and reimagined 2016 game, as the incumbent president at the time, mentioned by name. He also recommended Qwark recruit a new Galactic Ranger, which Ratchet applied to become, though he failed at first attempt.


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