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The Praxus Sector was a sector in the Polaris Galaxy, located north of Zarkov Sector, northeast of Cerullean Sector and east of the Verdigris Sector.

It was where Ratchet and Clank found the Dimensionator and where the Cragmites were brought back.On Jasindu, Ratchet and Clank found the Dimensionator, but was stolen by Captain Slag and Rusty Pete. Ratchet and Clank later defeated Romulus Slag in the Ublik Passage, but Qwark took the Dimensionator, hoping to hurl it into a black hole. However, on Reepor, Tachyon get ahold thereof and used it to bring back the Cragmites. Tachyon later invaded Igliak, but Ratchet and Clank stopped him.

Known Locations