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The Praetorian OmniWrench[1] was a powerful wrench-type used as by members of the Lombax Praetorian Guard. It was a double-ended wrench powered by negatively-charged energy, which it could release in the form of projectiles, beams or shockwaves.[2][3] When in use, its length was extendable and when not in use it could be worn on the user's back. Alister Azimuth, a famed Lombax Elder and Four-Bolt Magistrate of the Praetorian Guard, was known to carry this type of OmniWrench. It later fell into the possession of Ratchet after its former master died to save the Great Clock, and effectively the universe from total destruction.


General Azimuth used his Praetorian OmniWrench during the Great War and through his exile in the Breegus System, where he hid from Emperor Percival Tachyon and his attempts to kill all remaining Lombaxes in the universe. When Ratchet sided with Clank and the Zoni in refusing to allow the Great Clock to be used to change history for the Lombaxes, the General used his wrench to kill him in a fit of rage and attacked both Sigmund and Clank to get to the Orvus Chamber. Clank managed to get to the chamber before him and rewound time by six minutes, preventing Ratchet's murder.

Azimuth and Ratchet then raced each other to get to the chamber. Azimuth ended up getting inside first and moved to use the time-controlling lever to go back to when Emperor Tachyon and the Imperial Army attacked Fastoon. Before he could do this; however, Sigmund came up behind him and engaged in a struggle to prevent this from occurring. Azimuth took out his wrench and used it to zap the "annoying little junk heap," sending him flying. He then turned the lever, with Ratchet arriving just moments too late to stop him. As the time shift initiated, Azimuth took a combat stance with his wrench and prepared to battle Ratchet to the death to ensure his plan reached fruition.

As the General and Ratchet fought, the wrench was used in a number of ways to try and kill the young Lombax. Azimuth used it to great effect and inflicted an immense amount of damage upon the chamber in the process, having gone completely mad over his goal. Despite his hardened skill and superior strength, the Elder was bested in combat by Ratchet. The young Lombax then attempted to stop the time shift from overloading the system and ripping the very universe apart into oblivion. When he tried to pull back the lever, it broke off because Azimuth unintentionally jammed the lever in place while pushing it. As the clock continued to fall apart around him, Azimuth finally realized his mistake.

The remorseful General valiantly stepped forward in place of Ratchet to fix the damage. Bidding his dear friend farewell, Azimuth then extended his wrench and used it in place of the lever to turn back the system. When it at last yielded to his strength, the resulting explosion killed him, leaving his wrench surging with electricity from the blast. Both it and Azimuth's pocket watch were salvaged by a mournful Ratchet. The young Lombax later hung the Praetorian OmniWrench up on the wall in his garage on Veldin when he returned to the Solana Galaxy alongside his roboticcompanion to retire from their exploits.

Azimuth's wrench

Ratchet using Azimuth's Wrench to open a wormhole to another dimension to defeat Artemis Zogg

After having his own wrench taken from him, Ratchet retrieved the Praetorian OmniWrench from his garage and used it during the battle against Artemis Zogg in conjunction with his father's hoverboots. By the end of the conflict, Ratchet used it to send Zogg to another dimension by striking the Surinox Shard with it, as the wrench used negatively-charged energy that would open a wormhole between realities if applied to the comet shard.



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