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The Pork Bomb takes the transformative polymorphing rays of its predecessors and turns them outward into a barnyard-sized patch of species confusion. Although opponents can sometimes pop back into their original forms if they haven't absorbed a direct hit, there are several documented cases of targets voluntarily using the bomb on themselves once they get out of prison to get back to the simplicity of farm life.

Weapon Description, SAC

The Pork Bomb Gun is a weapon developed by Gadgetron in Secret Agent Clank. It is used by Ratchet in prison, and fires pig bombs which transform enemies into pigs when exploding. The weapon differs from transformative weapons from previous titles, instead relying on an explosive rather than a continuous ray.

The weapon can be purchased when Clank reaches Le Paradis Des Tricheurs Casino for 35,000 bolts, and delivered to Ratchet as a cake. It can be upgraded with use to the Meat Mortar at V4, which causes the transformed pigs to explode at other enemies nearby. Two mods can be purchased for the weapon: the war pigs mod for 25,000 bolts which makes the pigs hyper-violent mutants that attack enemies for a brief period, and the tasty pigs mod at 25,000 bolts that allow the pigs to release meat nuggets that can be claimed for health. In challenge mode, the Titan Meat Mortar can be purchased.


Pork Bomb gun cake

The Pork Bomb Gun is a short, pink weapon with a wide nozzle from which bombs are released. The Meat Mortar is dark red with silver highlights and skull insignia.


The Pork Bomb Gun releases bombs that explode and transform enemies into pigs. How many bombs it requires for an enemy to transform depends on the size of the enemy. The weapon is nearly powerless against very large enemies, which take longer to transform, and in its base form has no utility beyond a normal explosive weapon. The weapon can also prevent amoeboids from splitting into two.

The upgrades to the weapon make it more broadly useful. Upgrading it to the Meat Mortar allows the pigs to run to other enemies and explode, making it more useful against groups of enemies. The war pigs mod for the weapon, which costs 25,000 bolts, causes pigs to become mutant boars which seek out and attack enemies until they destabilize. The tasty pigs mod for 25,000 bolts causes the pigs to release organic matter after explosion that can be consumed for health, wherein one slice of bacon released restores one nanotech and a half-ham restores three nanotech. The tasty pigs mod makes the weapon more useful for surviving more rounds of enemies, while the tasty pigs mod allows it to be more effective against groups of enemies.