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Pollyx, the company's CEO.

Pollyx Industries was a company based in Axiom City, which operated in Terachnos. Pollyx Industries specialised in studying Zoni. Soon, however, their CEO started selling the findings to tyrants. Pollyx had started a campaign to find all Zoni Artifacts possible; however, they didn’t publicly announce that the use for the artifacts would be to help Dr. Nefarious find the Great Clock. The company's employees were believed to be made up of purely Terachnoids, due to the species’ apparent ignorance of the intelligence of other lifeforms. Terachnoids also believed that they were the only ones with brains capable of figuring out the written language and art work of the Zoni, thus allowing them to determine the universe's history.

The CEO was Pollyx, who was a corrupt businessman working with Dr. Nefarious. Jarvis, a friend of Azimuth, was an employee there. Jarvis had to fulfill a favor for Azumith after he "saved him from becoming an Agorian lunch." Ratchet and Azimuth once hacked through the security grids to enter the company's building near the Neurox Plaza, with help from Jarvis. Pollyx Industries also had a branch that dealt with tech support, known as Pollyx OmniTech.

Twins Neftin and Vendra Prog later violently assaulted Pollyx Industries and kidnapped CEO Pollyx.[1]

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Notes and references

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