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Hello, I'm Pollyx, and chances are, if you're like me, you're one of the most intelligent creatures in the universe! But, if you're not like me, chances are you're an imbecile.

Pollyx describing himself on Space Radio, ACiT

Pollyx was the CEO and Founder of Pollyx Industries. He was a Terachnoid, with his company based in Axiom City. He was known for selling his findings about the study of Zoni to Doctor Nefarious, Lord Vorselon and other wealthy tyrants. Pollyx was fooled by Ratchet's Nefarious holo-guise in the Nefarious Space Station. Ratchet, in the holo-guise, sent Pollyx to be contained in the station by Nefarious Troopers, and used the Hypernova Defense Laser to destroy the Doctor's fleet. Following this, the Lombax's disguise was revealed, and Pollyx and his Terachnoid companions were teleported off the station.

Twins Neftin and Vendra Prog later violently assaulted Pollyx Industries and kidnapped Pollyx the CEO.[1] They forced him to work on a transdimensional portal device. Six months later, Ratchet and Clank had landed on Yerek, where his Lab Assistant told them he was beyond the Azeril Caverns. After locating him Pollyx gave Clank a Rift Cracker, allowing him to go into rifts located around the planet. Later, on Silox, Pollyx told the duo that when the Progs came, their bodies were young enough to adapt, but the nethers required protective gear to survive in their dimension. Later, Ratchet & Clank had to steal the Dimensionator from Meridian City. While Ratchet was fending off the Nether invasion, Pollyx helped Neftin fix the Dimensionator. At one point, he was having trouble fixing it, therefor was missing something important. Clank stated that he needed a 3 3/4 Centicubit Hexagonal Washer to fix the Dimensionator.

Pollyx Nexus.png

Pollyx menacing at Ratchet


Notes and references

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