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The Polarizer is a gadget in Size Matters. It is a black market device that reverses the polarity of a magnet, either reversing it from pushing to pulling or pulling to pushing. This is done by amplifying and modulating the harmonic frequency of any electromagnetic resonator it targets.[1] Ratchet and Clank obtained it after completing "Rematch - Skyboard racer". The Skyboarder attempted to cheat by attacking the device to his skyboard, though he bet it in a race against Ratchet and Clank after Clank caught him.[2] in the ruins of Medical Outpost Omega.

The Polarizer is first used on planet Challax during "Explore the miniature city", required to move objects in order to progress. It is used once again inside Clank during "Escape from Clank", to navigate hovering platforms required for escape. The device is also used to obtain titanium bolts and several secrets, notably on Metalis.


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