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The Polaris Galaxy was a galaxy which was located at the center of the universe, which was the edge of the known universe.[1] This was the third known galaxy Ratchet and Clank explored in the series, with the other two being the Solana and Bogon galaxies.

It was very close to the Solana Galaxy, with the two galaxies touching at their edges[2] as well as the Breegus System.[3]

Praxus Six, Viceron, Jasindu, Torren IV and Morklon were considered the worst planets in the Polaris Galaxy to travel to. The GrummelNet Intergalactic Travel Guide listed Jasindu's Kerchu City the worst vacation spot in the galaxy, followed by Viceron's Zordoom Prison and Praxus Six's sulfur mines. The Polaris Board of Interstellar Travel listed Morklon as the first worst to visit, followed by Torren IV.

Planet Quantos was voted the Polaris Galaxy's "Best Kept Secret," due to unspoiled jungles, friendly natives and gorgeous fjords.

The Huron Abyss of planet Lumos was one of the most visited locations in the galaxy, as people traveled from far away just to throw stuff into it.

Polaris has a counterpart in Rivet's dimension, however it went unnamed aside from being referred to as "the Emperor's galaxy".


Before Ratchet & Clank

Eons ago, the Great War between the Lombaxes and Cragmites occurred with the conflict not reaching beyond Polaris.



Polaris' largest populations were once the lombaxes and the cragmites, though the cragmites were banished for eons at the end of the Great War, and the lombaxes were forced to flee to another dimension by Tachyon. Other races found in Polaris included the aggressive kerchu and the drophyds.


For around a year,[4][5][6] up until the end of Tools of Destruction, most of the galaxy was owned by Emperor Tachyon, although there were also free planets which formed Free Polaris with Igliak as their capital, pirate territory, as well as the Breegus Sector - which was under Dr. Nefarious' control. After the defeat of Tachyon and later Dr. Nefarious, Free Polaris re-took control of the sectors they controlled.


At the time of Into the Nexus, the economy was doing poorly.[7]


Bernilius Sector

The known locations in the Bernilius Sector are:

Name Description Appearances
Nefarious Space Station (Destroyed) Headquarters of Dr. Nefarious during his campaign in Polaris to control the Great Clock and rewrite history. It was destroyed after the Doctor was defeated in his battle with Ratchet and Clank. A Crack in Time
Vapedia Settlement of the Valkyries in their hovering citadel high in the planet's skies. Where Ratchet defeated Cassiopeia and rescued Clank. A Crack in Time

Cerullean Sector

The known locations in the Cerullean Sector are:

Name Description Appearances
Apogee Space Station The home of Talwyn Apogee, and formerly her father, Max Apogee. A heavily fortified space station guarded by Cronk and Zephyr, which contains lush vegetation inside, and artifacts from Max Apogee's exploration. Tools of Destruction, comic series
Ardolis A remote, tropical, oceanic world home to the pirate base of the space pirates led by Captain Slag. It is home to islands, caves, and pirate ships. Ratchet, Clank, Talwyn, Cronk, and Zephyr visited in search of a lombax artifact. Tools of Destruction, Rift Apart (alternate counterpart)
Cobalia A swamp planet known as the gelatonium capital of the Polaris Galaxy, making it the source of the most commonly used spacecraft fuel. It is largely covered in dangerous jungles with hostile wildlife, aside from gelatonium plants often located adjacent to spaceports. It is also home to Basilisk leviathans. Tools of Destruction
Fastoon The former homeworld of the lombax race. After the planet was ravaged by Emperor Tachyon, the planet is mostly deserted, dusty, and dry. Left behind are ruins and nanophyte scavengers searching for lombax technology. This was also where Ratchet found Aphelion. Tools of Destruction
Kortog Home to Stratus City, a city suspended in the clouds floating high above the planet. Stratus City was home of the Educational District of the Polaris Galaxy before Tachyon conquered it and closed access to its libraries to prevent others gaining access to its information in the Hall of Knowledge. By the events of Into the Nexus, Captain Slag is said to have retired from his life of piracy and now makes a living as a semi-professional beatboxer in Stratus City. Tools of Destruction
Mukow A stormy, aquatic planet home to the Imperial Fight Festival during Tachyon's rule, as well as a large carnival park. Heavily guarded, and featuring a few structures on rocky islands. Tools of Destruction
Nundac Asteroid Ring An asteroid ring that was the location of the Apogee Space Station, and also home to several basilisk leviathans. It features several asteroids connected by teleporters, and a Sigma-3 Maintenance Hub that powers the Apogee Space Station. Tools of Destruction
Voron Asteroid Belt An asteroid belt where Ratchet encountered the space pirates led by in a space battle, and fought Puffy Pants Wallis. Tools of Destruction

Corvus Sector

The known locations in the Corvus Sector are:

Name Description Appearances
Morklon Location of the Battle of Gimlick Valley between the native Fongoids and invading Agorians. The Fongoids originally lost but Ratchet and Clank were able to alter the events in the past so the Agorians and their leader Commander Argos were defeated instead. A Crack in Time

Drogol Sector

The known locations in the Drogol Sector are:

Name Description Appearances
Merdegraw A tropical planet with several small islands, home to both space pirate activity, and the hoolefoids on Hoolefar Island. It was surrounded by the Azorean Sea, and featured pirate coves where treasure was buried. This was also the resting place of Captain Angstrom Darkwater, who had been backstabbed by his First Mate Romulus Slag. Hoolefar Island also had an Obsidian Eye to communicate with the Zoni prompting Ratchet and Talwyn to travel around the planet in order to get it working in order to find Clank. Quest for Booty

Korthos Sector

The known locations in the Korthos Sector are:

Name Description Appearances
Agorian Battleplex (Destroyed) Traveling fighting arena aboard a large starship run by the aggressive, battle-loving Agorians. Following the events of A Crack in Time in the comic series it was mentioned by General Glahm that the Agorian Battleplex had been destroyed by Artemis Zogg. A Crack in Time
Lumos Rocky, dry planet with an arid climate and very hot weather all year round. Settlement of the Vullards and location of an Obsidian Eye. A Crack in Time
Zanifar Temperate climate planet inhabited by the Fongoids. Where Dr. Nefarious and Lawrence's asteroid eventually crash landed and the Doctor had the Tombli Outpost constructed for his new campaign in Polaris. A Crack in Time, Mentioned only (alternate counterpart)

Phylax Sector

The known locations in the Phylax Sector are:

Name Description Appearances
Quantos A Fongoid-inhabited, jungle planet. Where Dr. Nefarious first learned of the Great Clock's existence. A Crack in Time

Praxus Sector

The known locations in the Praxus Sector are:

Name Description Appearances
Igliak The capital of the Polaris Galaxy, home to the large bustling metropolises of Meridian City and Luminopolis. During Tachyon's rule, it was the home of Free Polaris, and after its defeat was home to the new Polaris government led by the Galactic President, which at one point was President Qwark. It is also home to lumenoids, which power Luminopolis, and to several krull which can be fished from its waters. Tools of Destruction, All 4 One, Into the Nexus
Jasindu A jungle planet that is the homeworld of the kerchu, a race hostile to outsiders. It is home to the capital, Kerchu City, which within it contains the heavily fortified Kerchu Fortress. Max Apogee hid the Dimensionator in Kerchu City. The planet is also rich with gelatonium, with the kerchu operating underground gelatonium plants. Tools of Destruction
Pegasus Outpost (Destroyed) A space pirate outpost built on a remote, ice moon, located adjacent to the Verdigris Black Hole. Ratchet and Clank destroyed the outpost while fighting off space pirates, before the pirates had finished building a pub. Tools of Destruction
Praxus Six The planet on which the space pirates where sent to by Tachyon once he was finished. According to Cronk, it was also the site of the "Arachnid Squabble on Praxus Six", which he mentioned in the Rykan V Spaceport battle. The sulfur mines on the planet were ranked the third worst vacation spot in the Polaris Galaxy by the GrummelNet Intergalactic Travel Guide. Mentioned only
Praxus Seven A planet with large seas where fishing takes place, that is known to contain a species of large predatory fish, of which Crushto is a member. Mentioned only
Praxus Twelve A planet controlled by the cragmites during the Great War, until the lombaxes took over. Mentioned only
Reepor The homeworld of the cragmites, and the former capital of the Great Cragmite Empire. After the lombaxes ravaged the planet, it had been dormant for years, with green oceans running through the planet, black soil, and little flora. The planet is the site of ruins from the cragmite rule. Tools of Destruction
Ublik Passage Known for the connection between the Praxus and the Verdigris Sectors, it became the site of Captain Slag's fleet. The passage was home to several asteroids connected with pirate ships, and was close to Reepor. Tools of Destruction
Verdigris Black Hole A black hole located on the path to Jasindu, which Ratchet and Clank fought space pirates at before traveling through it to the planet. Tools of Destruction

Vela Sector

The known locations in the Vela Sector are:

Name Description Appearances
Terachnos Homeworld of the Terachnoids. Location of Axiom City and headquarters of Pollyx Industries. A Crack in Time
Torren IV Arid, desert planet and former home of the Fongoids thousands of years ago. Current settlement of the Vullards. Where Ratchet and Alister Azimuth first met. A Crack in Time, Rift Apart (alternate counterpart)

Verdigris Sector

The known locations in the Verdigris Sector are:

Name Description Appearances
Kreeli Comet An icy comet drifting through the sector, home to the IRIS Supercomputer. It was taken over by space pirates, who reside in their own structures on it, and in several caves. Tools of Destruction
Rakar Star Cluster A star cluster that serves as the closest passage to Rykan V, occupied by space pirates. Ratchet and Clank fought space pirates here and destroyed their magma harvesters while traveling through, and eventually fought Iron Crotch Caruso. Tools of Destruction
Rykan V A hot, volcanic planet home to a Lava Refinery where metals are made, located adjacent to a spaceport. It was once occupied by the lombaxes, used by the Center for Advanced Lombax Research. Several lava tubes reach below the planet's surface. Tools of Destruction
Sargasso A swamp planet inhabited by dangerous primordial wildlife, as well as a source of gelatonium and the site of a kerchu outpost. It had also been the site of the lombaxes, who first discovered the planet and used it as a weapons testing facility. The Smuggler used the planet as a base of operations, while Ratchet and Clank gathered leviathan souls here, traversing the planet's swampy islands with the Robo-Wings. Tools of Destruction, Rift Apart (alternate counterpart)
Viceron A planet home to the infamous and heavily guarded Zordoom Prison. The prison was controlled by Tachyon during his rule. Tools of Destruction, Rift Apart (alternate counterpart)

Zarkov Sector

The Zarkov Sector was declared haunted after Vendra Prog's experiments caused nether activity here. The known locations in the sector are:

Name Description Appearances
Kragg A volcanic and rocky planet occupied by the Thugs-4-Less. It was home to the Destructapalooza, an unregulated arena stadium used to train Thugs. Into the Nexus, Mentioned only (alternate counterpart)
Silox An oceanic planet home to Weeblesnog City, a large city. The city was declared haunted by Mayor Gumblebrick and abandoned due to nether activity caused by Vendra Prog, after attempts to slow down the nether activity had failed. Into the Nexus
Thram A swamp planet home to the expansive Hagrow Swampland, home to dangerous gargathons, whose rare horns fetched a high price. The Smuggler visited this planet to trade for gargathon horns, and Neftin Prog set up a hideout here. Into the Nexus
Yerek A temperate planet that was used by Vendra and Neftin Prog for their operations, and thus became haunted by nethers. It was home to the Meero Orphanage in which Vendra and Neftin had grew up, and after a rough childhood and a longing for a family, Vendra used the planet to conduct transdimensional experiments, in order to bring the nethers over from the Netherverse. Into the Nexus

Unnamed Full Frontal Assault sector

The locations in the unnamed sector in Full Frontal Assault are:

Name Description Appearances
Ebaro A large jungle planet formerly home to the ebarians, whose monks constructed the Hidden City of Balkai, before the majority left to Meridian City after GrummelNet sold Inner Peace. The planet was controlled by Tachyon during his rule. Stuart Zurgo later constructed his Lair of Doom inside the hidden city. It is orbited by the Black Rock Moons of Ebaro, moons with little gravity, which were raided by Ephemeris for gravoids to serve the loki as vessels. Full Frontal Assault
Markazia An arid planet full of natural bodies of acid pools, home to the markazians, the race of Talwyn Apogee. The acid pools attracted GrummelNet, who set up the Korgan Refinery to collect and distill the acid for use in their bioweapon division. It was the first planet attacked by grungarian mercenaries led by Stuart Zurgo, after he deactivated its Planetary Defense Center was deactivated. Full Frontal Assault
Proteus VII A hot planet colonized by GrummelNet, and home to the death weasels. It was attacked by the grungarian mercenaries led by Stuart Zurgo, after he hacked its Planetary Defense Center. Full Frontal Assault

Other known locations

The locations without known sectors were:

Name Description Appearances
Blizar Prime Primary source of Blizon elements in the known universe. Clank mentions that he has visited this planet previously on at least one such occasion. Mentioned only, Rift Apart (alternate counterpart)
Corson V A planet densly populated by skyscrapers and buildings. The only known location on the planet is the city of Megalopolis, which held the Festival of Heroes several years after the Nether Invasion. Corson V was ground zero for Doctor Nefarious' attempt at crossing over into a dimension where he always wins, inadvertedly kickstarting a Dimensional Cataclysm. Rift Apart, (alternate counterpart)
Great Clock An enormous facility created by Orvus and the Zoni to maintain temporal normality throughout the universe. A Crack in Time
Magnus A large planet with varied terrain, ranging from rocky cliffs with deep canyons to vast oceans. It is populated by many differing creatures, most notably the tharpods, sentient lifeforms in tune with nature who kept small critters as pets. It was here that Ephemeris, the Creature Collector, took Ratchet, Clank, Captain Qwark, and Dr. Nefarious, after abducting them. The Phonica Moon is located in its orbit. All 4 One
Phonica Moon A moon orbiting Magnus, filled with hostile creatures such as the anthropods, lurkers and craterpedes. It is home to the secret lab location of Dr. Croid, where he hid from Nevo Binklemeyer. Ratchet, Clank, Captain Qwark, and Dr. Nefarious had to infiltrate this lab through its security tunnels to reach Dr. Croid. Mentioned only
Ringus Minor Home to sewers filled with deadly Sewer-Dwelling Razor Ants, whose natural exoskeleton could protect them from most munitions fired from most weapons. Mentioned only
Savali The interplanetary train system on Corson V makes stops here. Mentioned only, Rift Apart (alternate counterpart)
Terraklon Six (Destroyed) The homeworld of the terraklon species, including terraklon gladiators and umbüko gladiators, the latter of whom Captain Qwark claimed to have trained with. In Zordoom Prison, the Tachyon robot mentioned that it had been consumed by the Thyrullian supernova, and as such, all terraklon inmates (aside from Lord Vorselon) had their sentences commuted, free to wander the galaxy in search of a new home. Mentioned only
Tharan IX Mentioned by Cronk and Zephyr in All 4 One. Zephyr claimed it was a location of Unicop, and that Qwark and Unicop had traveled there to defeat Count Microbolt and his army of Penguin Cyborgs. Mentioned only
Toranux (Destroyed) The home of the loki species. A cragmite warrior named Bagogg crash landed here, and hid from the loki. He later returned with a Class Three Planet Smasher and destroyed the planet. Images of Toranux appeared on Dr. Croid's computer, depciting the planet as green with several islands. Shards were also contained in Croid's lab. Mentioned only
Vartan Nebula A mentioned location that was the site of Tachyon's "four star penal colony". Mentioned only
Zaurik The home planet of the drophyds. A mostly aquatic planet, with reserves of the durable metal trillium under its surface. Parts of the planet close to trillium mines are barren and dry with contaminated water. It was also here that Lord Vorselon lost a battle with the drophyds, and thus lost his body, which he hoped to gain back from the Great Clock. Mentioned only
Zumbrix Mentioned by Qwark as a planet with four orbiting suns. Mentioned only

Behind the scenes

  • In real life, "Polaris" is a star more commonly known as North Star.

Notes and references

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